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Best after retirement business ideas for 2020

You wondering why I am writing this today, chill, the normative thought or believe when it comes to searching for job in Nigeria is that it is primarily a youth affair, like when we talk about getting a job and all that relates to this discourse it has to do with the youth or people under the age of 16 to 35, do not dwell on the figure that much that is actually debatable but then let us peg it at that. Now for the sake of this discourse I will make a layman attempt to define the term Job, tailoring the definition to fit the purpose of this context. So a job, or work is any meaningful engagement carried out or done by anyone and which in return gives some sort of benefits, which can be in value or financial gains.

No doubt there are various job opportunities in Nigeria which cut across all people irrespective of ages, social strata or national and for the sake or purpose of this discourse the emphasis shall or will be on job opportunities for a retiree.  Shocked! Smiles you should not be shocked, many know this and many might not anyway that is nothing to worry about, just the youth or people that falls under the age bracket which can be regarded as youth in Nigeria searches for job, in the same light people who has retired from active duty otherwise known as retirees also search for job within the Nigerian reality.

Within the Nigerian realities, the official age for people to actively retire from job is the age of sixty-five, guess you do not get that, chuckling I mean 65 years, this may vary from country to country and this applies to those working in the public sector. That is people working with the government and not in the or with the private sector.

This might sound funny because it is actually very funny to me although in some way sad especially if you are not from Nigeria and this is the common thought among Nigerians that when you retire from active duty in any sector either from the public or the private sector; the next thing that follows is death, though not instantaneous. I bet you are waiting for me to explain myself right, chill I will do just that, trust me always to do that. As your favorite writer on this platform trust me never to ever leave you hanging, you can sure take that to the bank. The issue with the Nigerian situation is that the atmosphere is not fair for retirees and this is because for most or a larger chunk of the retirees in Nigeria getting their retirement entitlement is like searching for a white charcoal in the country as they are always like ever made to undergo various degrading experiences which are nothing but pathetic because  before they get their rightful and lawful entitlement within the Nigerian system they spend a fortune doing this and the sad thing here is that many of them do not live to have this.

That about that, I actually thought it was going to be funny narrating the ordeal of the Nigerian retirees before they get their rightful and lawful entitlement, however in the long run I really did not find it funny anymore as in the process of putting myself in their shows I realized that it could be anyone, they are humans just like us who has given their all in the service of a system which they believed would look after them by doing one simple task which they are obligated to do, it is no sense of entitlement, but their right.

We cannot continue to cry over this, or whine, in the midst of all these uncertainties that with comes with working in Nigeria and retiring in Nigeria there is a good side to this. Challenges or problems are meant to be solved, knots are meant to be untied.

As stated earlier, the official age for retirement in Nigeria is 65 years, and at this age there is a whole chunk of years ahead for many out there, leaving out the rest of these years without doing anything meaningful might actually be boring and in some cases can be so traumatizing , now let us paint a scenario of a man who is already used to going to work every day but the with his retirement he has to stay back at home  for the rest of his life, considering the fact that he once used 35 years of his life in active service; breaking away or breaking free from the ‘going to work’ mentality or orientation might actually be a hard one as if it is not well and properly managed it may be disastrous. This is why it is important for most retirees to plan ahead and ensure that they come up with a viable plan for the future. In some circles they say “having something to fall back to”.

In many Nigerian public sectors, there are always seminars and symposiums which are always organized for about to retire public officers in which they actively taught and introduced to the different challenges that comes with retirement.  There in some cases, they are introduced to little and soft engagement which retirees can do to keep themselves active.

There are various amazing business ideas which people can do in Nigeria; this is no different for retirees in Nigeria.  Thus the ultimate aim of this article is to educate the members of the public especially those working towards their retirement that there are certain jobs which they can do to keep their mind active and also make a decent living to compliment what they have. Many of these job opportunities are majorly sit at home jobs that is remote jobs which can be done with ease by the retirees making them a boss of their own. The amazing thing with this remote or freelance work is that some of them have the potency for growth. Would also like to add that there are also various businesses in Nigeria apart from freelance or remote business which can be done by retiring people who still feel that they have the strength to work.

Best after retirement business ideas for 2020

  1. Sell the good old stuffs– this is a very good business which can be duly considered for productive engagement for a productive and positive retirement experience in Nigeria. This kind of business engagement is quite easy to start as you do not have to come up with a large chunk of capital to start. During the course of living, many people gather different items for keeps which are probably do not need. They might be old used items which are still working but are kept inside the store; they can be household appliances or gadgets among other items. Retirees can start with these and either open a small onsite store to showcase these items or use the online platforms to sell these various items. You can reach out to relatives or people living close to you to get or buy these used items at a cheaper price which you can resell and make good profit. It is more or less like selling antiques, you will be surprised to see people take interest in what you sell especially if you have good items for sale. Using the social media or any other online platforms to sell your items can really prove to be creative as you get the opportunity to create a catalogue for your items where you get to give a very good description of what you sell and every other detail that are needed by your prospective clients.



  1. Open a franchise

Running a franchise or starting your own business in Nigeria can offer a great                                               mixture of structure and freedom, which is great, especially if you’ve been working under       someone your whole career. Franchises are a valid way to pursue your passion or interest   without having to start everything from the ground up. Innovation still exists to a  reasonable extent and you can look to the franchises of others for guidance and assurance.

  1. Write books– this can be so fun, exciting and thrilling, getting to write a book after retirement can offer you the solace you need as you get to engage yourself in an intellectual task. Here you get to create from the scratch a reality whereby you get to share from your experience, create characters or bring to life your own characters where you do anything creative with this. Here you get to engage yourself intellectually and come up with a thriller. You can choose to do various aspects or genres of literature ranging from prose, poetry or drama. You can either choose to publish these books in hardcover or in softcopies where you sell them online to your prospective customers.
  2. Consultancy– A small business consultant works with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helps clients develop business skills and knowledge. If there is anything which retirees have in excess, this is a wealth of experience which can be so useful for new business owners or intending
  3. Blogging-many people think that this a job for the youth in Nigeria, however the retirees can also find this line of work an interesting one as they can create for themselves an online platform using blogger or WordPress where you can get to choose your own niche filling it with contents and connecting with various people through your contents.
  4. Mentoring and life coaching– This is another services which can be employed by retirees as they can get to mentor young individuals in Nigeria in any areas in which they have sufficient information, knowledge or expertise on. There are plenty adults out there who after retirement dedicated the rest of their lives to ensuring that they create a platform for themselves where they can reach out to others, mentor them, counsel them and coach them on various issues in life, drawing inferences from their experiences and wealth of knowledge.
  5. Knitting, alteration and sewing services– for those with these skills, they can start a business in this line of work as it is easier to start with no other complicated requirements in starting it.
  6. Online Selling-Selling online in these present realities has grown to become a veritable and efficient way to making money in Nigeria. There are various businesses in Nigeria which can be done online as there are plenty advantages that comes with working online in Nigeria. It saves people many stress as you do not need to get an onsite store to do this, creating awareness or giving visibility to business online is a lot easier as there are various online platforms which are tailored and designed to give users a fast and efficient means of reaching out to targeted audience with their respective goods, products and services.

Selling products online is a simple process:

  1. Choose your ecommerce platform.
  2. Upload or add product information to your store.
  • Choose a theme and design your web pages.
  1. Set up settings for taxes and shipping.
  2. Test your shopping cart functionality and do final QA checks.
  3. Launch your ecommerce site.
  4. Freelance Writing– there are plenty freelance business in Nigeria which people can leverage upon to make cool cash. This is a form of business that offers people the ease of doing business in Nigeria as they get to work on their own terms and conditions. There are several examples of freelance jobs in Nigeria which people can do, they are copywriting, translator, author, proofreader among many others
  5. Florist– providing you have a good space with a good soil you can start working as a florist where you sell flowers to people. You can get to grow various species of flowers in your compound and you get to sell them



Your retirement does not have to be boring or a traumatic one; it is not the end of the road or end of life as many think it is. There are plenty things that you can do which are quite fun, easy and also lucrative. Depending on your abilities and strengths take your time to sit down and carefully think about the perfect fit for you, something that you can do that will ensure that you make good use of the wealth of time at your disposal that will not also stress you as they are soft work which you can do to give yourself a post work experience.


By Marcus Amudipe

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