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Nigerian Closed Borders and Business Ventures in Nigeria

Nigerian Closed Borders and Business Ventures in Nigeria

It’s already over a year that the Federal Government of Nigeria decided to close its borders to its neighboring countries, reasons given are the need to ensure the total security of the nation’s borderline which is as a result of the various nefarious activities that are being carried out there. Adding to this, it was […] Read More

Implications of the Nigeria Rising Debt Profile

It is no gainsaying or loose talk to posit that the Nigerian government is finally heading towards the landmines where it will take stern amount of luck, experienced navigations by hardcore business and economic expertise; backed up by the steering of a purposeful and discipline leadership or administration to fully help it overcome the gigantic […] Read More

Reimagining Nigeria’s Economic Strategy

No doubt the Nation’s Economic Fortune over the last six decades have been largely made to depend on the price of the Crude Oil. This has been our realties since the day it’s first discovered in Oloibiri, Rivers State in the year 1958 until out present realities where this national fortune has been grossly affected […] Read More

Building an industrial powered Economy

No Nation of the World grows from a developing country to a fully developed one through heavy taxation of its people, while it is the duty and obligation of the citizens of a country to pay their taxes as at when due, the government must not also depend heavily on this as the sole means […] Read More

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and her quest for world glory

Despite the numerous national issues and challenges that plagues the Nigerian reality; the various instances of common cases of corrupt public officer, manipulative reports of workers and unending cases of cyber crimes among the youths coupled with a high degree of poverty level in most cases of the federation which makes people think that there’s […] Read More

Reviving the Nigeria Economy

The Nation Nigeria over the last six decades has seen its structure move from an agricultural based society to an economy which is highly dependent and reliant on the oil and gas sector. The nation Nigeria before the discovery of the crude oil in Oloibiri Rivers State, Nigeria in the year 1958 agriculture was the […] Read More


Doing business in the Nigerian cyber space has been considered by many as a risky business which can lead to serious debt if not properly done. There are various online platforms which can be employed by many to make money in Nigeria. However the vulnerability of the internet to be used by unscrupulous elements in […] Read More

Families have lost income to COVID-19, says World Bank

In a report made by the World Bank on the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the world and its economy, it’s revealed by the financial institution that as a result of the outbreak of the novel virus Covid-19 pandemic, families around the world where there has been reported cases of the outbreak of the virus […] Read More

Best Retirement Business Ideas in Nigeria for 2020

You wondering why I am writing this today, chill, the normative thought or belief when it comes to searching for a job in Nigeria is that it is primarily a youth affair, like when we talk about getting a job and all that relates to this discourse it has to do with the youth or […] Read More

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