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Cars and generators to run on Gas- FG

While it’s been advised that the federal government of Nigeria step up in its plan to ensure that it stabilises the dwindling Nigeria economy which according to the recent statistics is on a decline. The outbreak of the novel virus, Covid-19 pandemic has seen to the decline of many economic of different nations across the […] Read More

Oyo State economy

Doing business in Nigeria can be very lucrative especially when you employ the right business strategy to starting your business in Nigeria and also managing your business in Nigeria. Within the Nigerian federation, there are amazing business ideas that you can leverage on in Nigeria to create both wealth and labor. Within the Nigerian Federation, […] Read More

FG to inject N2.3 trillion stimulus package

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari while doing an assessment of his used tenure in office as the president of the federation while speaking on the  second day of the Ministerial Performance Review Retreat at Aso Villa in Abuja declared that he has done his best for the nation; also […] Read More

Season of hikes

It’s indeed an exciting season for the Nigerian populace which boasts of an estimated population of around two hundred million, a number which makes it the most populated black nation on the surface of the earth. Within the circles of the Nigerian media sector, the pages of its newspapers and various online platforms the Nigerian […] Read More

We’ll implement new economic plan, January 2021 –Minister

Coming as part of the economic plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Federal Government in its poise to reducing the effect of the novel virus, Covid-19 on the people and the economy of the nation even as it prepares for a Post Covid-19 realities has stated […] Read More

Manufacturing business in Nigeria

The business world is filled with diverse opportunities which can be leveraged upon for productive engagement and for wealth creation. This is because the human needs abound greatly and everyday man takes a conscious effort towards ensuring that he meets these various human needs and wants. The history of man from its earliest civilization has […] Read More

How to make money in Nigeria

I walk between friends who goes about with the slogan, “My guy, shine your eyes o, money dey for we country. Na person wey open eyes fit see where the money dey” in simple English it is translated my brother do not slack, there is money in Nigeria, if you find it you will get […] Read More

AFDB; the need to reset Africa’s economy

While the African Developmental bank [AFDB] celebrated another milestone as it successfully conducted its election which saw to the re-election of its incumbent President, Mr Akinwunmi Adesina, and the African developmental bank as part of its various programs and initiative to combat the harsh effect of the novel virus, covid-19 on the economy of the […] Read More

Funding your business

Funding your business

Starting Business in Nigerian can be quite herculean as there are several procedures as well as factors to be considered before you embark on starting one. It a rigorous stage or process whereby you embark on strategic planning in drafting out your business plan which will contain the various details your business will be built […] Read More

Lucrative businesses you can start with no or little capital in Nigeria

Lucrative businesses you can start with no or little capital in Nigeria

Business in Nigeria just as in every other part of the world is a good way for wealth creation and financial stability for business owners and enthusiast. Developed nations of the World Bank on its business sector to keep it alive, floating as it contributes immensely to the economic growth of the country under this […] Read More

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