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How to make money in Nigeria

  1. I walk between friends who goes about with the slogan, “My guy, shine your eyes o, money dey for we country. Na person wey open eyes fit see where the money dey” in simple English it is translated my brother do not slack, there is money in Nigeria, if you find it you will get it. Across all cultures of the world, irrespective of Money is a desirable element which is acceptable by all and it is the lifelong desire of many to get this, however as popular and common as it is, it is a phenomenon which is hard to come by as many engage in various life pursuit ranging from business to other career pursuit.

    With the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, which has made the acquisition of wealth hard in the country, the large Nigerian populace are always looking out for new ways to earn money and create wealth. It is pertinent to note that this article is about how to make money legitimately in Nigeria without resorting to illegal means which by the moral dictates of the society and the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is outlawed.

    There is a high demand and need for money as it can be arguably said that the world revolves around me, the peculiarity of money is necessitated by the fact that money is needed to buy things, both necessities and desirables.

    We work in order to earn money, and also need money to get to work, we need money to sustain ourselves, buying food, drugs, visit new places as well as other life’s functions.

    With the increasing decline of the nation’s economic wits coupled with the harsh realities which was caused by the outbreak of the novel virus, coronavirus in the world which disrupted the economics of many nations which does not exempt Nigeria, moreover the current economic positions and reforms of the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria has in recent times given small and medium scale enterprise a hard time doing lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

    The Nigerian labor market is a highly competitive one, as every year thousands of graduates from the various Nigerian Tertiary universities flood the labor market all with the hope of getting a job in Nigeria which is considered a holy grail as it is hard to come by in Nigeria.

    There is no denial that there are ample job opportunities in Nigeria with a beehive of graduates waiting to get it. The chances of making money in Nigeria may be tough however it is possible.

    There are various people or individual in Nigeria who has risen above these tough realities to making a name for themselves in Nigeria by engaging themselves in several lucrative.

    In making money in Nigeria, there are no two ways to it, you simply have to put yourself in a good position to attract money. Else you do money ritual money do not just fall on people or come to them, except it is an inheritance.

    What do I mean with this, getting money do not happen in a vacuum, especially in Nigeria in the wake of the various harsh realities in Nigeria. You have to be intentional about this and also you have to take proactive as well as conscious steps towards achieving this. While it may seem easy for some, it may not be the same experience for others.

    In getting yourself prepare for getting money in Nigeria or acquiring money, there are some vital factors which you must take note of which I will be talking about in the next paragraph of this article.

    1. Be intentional– this has already been slightly explained in the previous paragraph, money do not come to the unprepared. It is a product of a conscious efforts aimed at a productive engagement coupled with determination and high level of commitment when you are intentional about what you want, it helps you to overlook and endure the hardship and other challenges that comes with getting money, or that comes with the engagements in ventures or business that can yield good income. Getting money is a process, it is not sudden, being intentional about it will be the perfect drive to motivate and streamline your effort without having to give up along the line
    2. Education- it is important that you have a decent level of education in Nigeria, doing this will afford you the opportunity to access some platforms which ordinarily you might not be able to access. Education is a tool that helps in nurturing and preparing the minds of young individuals with the much needed knowledge which will be useful for them to recognizing opportunities, harnessing their talents for both personal and communal growth. There are several skills and knowledge which can be acquired in school which will go on to help individuals start a successful career path. Also there some platforms that is only assessable by learned and educated beings, there are certain networking and connection that can only be unlocked and accessed by the educated ones, thus as a result of this it is important that you are educated. However, in the case of people who has no access to a decent form of education, there are other ways to acquire knowledge.  Education is not just limited to learning within the four walls of the classrooms, there is both formal and informal type of education. For the ones who have no access to securing a decent formal education, they can engage themselves in several other ventures like learning some skills, or handiwork which they can built on and later go on to knowing how to make a living from them.
    3. Networking– it is pertinent to note that your ability to meet new people and sustain these relationship is important to earning money in Nigeria. This is because when you network with other people, it affords you the chance of getting to know more. Opportunities can come from anyhow which is why you must reach out to other people, talk to them, seek ways to learn from them and improve on yourself, also chances of a potential synergy which in the long run might turn out productive.
    4. Look out for opportunities– some say opportunities comes but once, though arguably. However, it is important for you to understand that you have to take your chances. Be on the lookout for opportunities. Network with others, read more about business, keep up with the world trends and latest happenings that you can leverage on to prepare yourself for these opportunities. Also there are various online platforms in Nigeria where you can always check to keep yourself informed with the latest jobs in Nigeria, with businesses in Nigeria that can be done or leveraged on. There are amazing business ideas in Nigeria which are very lucrative, all you need to do is to look out for these opportunities

    In the light of the aforementioned, there are different ways or things that you can do that can give you money or that you can earn money from. It is either you work for others or create a job for yourself.


    1. Creating a job for yourself

    This is a very important factor which you must consider in wealth creation. Being your own boss is a very good way to make money as you get the chance and the opportunity to run things yourself without undue influence from others. Here you have the luxury of running the business created in your own. In creating a job for yourself, this may seem very hard to do, however there are various tips which you can follow in starting your own business. There are several businesses which you can do to get money. They are farming, Fishery, Real Estate, Laundry, Car Sales, Owing a Clothing line, electronics among many others.

    There is no smokescreen attached to starting your own business ventures, it can be done in the following basic steps

    1. Background survey or research– you must conduct a thorough background research on the type of business you intend doing, go to the market and conduct a research on the factors you need to consider before you venture into starting your own business. Jumping into starting your own business without having a thorough business survey might be dangerous as there are various challenges and technicalities which are involved in starting various respective business in Nigeria.
    2. Write your business plan– business plan are quite important in starting a business as they help you take notice the various sectors which you intend incorporating into your business. Writing a business plan is of great importance as it helps you to have a detailed plan and the cost of what it will take you in starting and running your business. It also covers your plan both short and long plan for the business enterprise and how you intend funding it
    • Pick a location- you can either decide to run your business online or onsite. If onsite do well to choose a good and economical location where your business can be giving effective visibility
    1. Start your business– after doing the aforementioned, pick a name for your business and you can set it rolling by incorporating the various details which you have planned out in your business plan
    2. Register your business– registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission, this will give you the full and legal license from the government to starting and running your own business in Nigeria.

    From here you can begin to staff your business and other needs required factors, read here to know more about starting your business in Nigeria

    1. Freelance/Remote business

    This is another good way to make money in Nigeria, there are various business which you can engage in yourself without having to think of starting a company or renting a space. These business are which you can do right from the comfort of your home without having to go to work and you will be duly paid. There are various freelance /remote jobs online which you can leverage on to earn a good pay. In doing these business all you need is a good internet connection, a working personal computer and a good quite space to work. There are various examples of freelance jobs and remote jobs which you can do that can give you a good pay. They are Blogging, Copyright, Web-designer, Teaching, content writing, graphics designer, translator, Forex etc. Remote Businesses in Nigeria are quite lucrative and are capable of giving you a decent earning as there is a low risk involved in running it, also there is a low need of a startup capital as what you need in starting most online remote jobs is just the skills. A big importance and benefit of running a remote job in Nigeria is that you get to work for different people from various countries which gives you the opportunity to earn in dollars which when converted to naira comes in really good

    1. Working for others – there are various opportunities for Nigerians to secure gainful employment in Nigeria, right from working for the state government to working for the federal government as well as working in the private sector. The federal government of Nigerian yearly makes provisions for the unemployed individuals in Nigeria to secure jobs. A recent example of this is the Npower employment scheme which is designed by the federal government of Nigerian to employ unemployed youths in Nigeria. Through this scheme they are given the opportunity to work in certain highlighted sectors in Nigeria economy for the space of a certain duration in which the government pays them in return. Also is the recent proposed plan by the federal government to employ 774,000 Nigerians into its structure.

    In working for others, providing that you have the necessary requirement the following are areas in which you can work to get money

    1. Federal government jobs

    Federal government jobs in Nigeria comes with a high level and degree of security, as it allows Nigerians who are under the structure to not just be gainfully employed but also work without any fear of being sacked providing that they do not violate any of the stipulated rules of engagements. Getting a federal government job requires that you are qualified for it. There are various sectors under the federal government structure which you can seek employment to get paid. We have the ministry of health, ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce among many other ministries. Check here to find our more on how to get a federal government job in Nigeria

    1. State jobs

    State government in Nigeria across the federation reels out yearly opportunity for its respective populace the opportunity of getting jobs under its structure. The basic requirement for getting job under the state civil service is by being qualified for these various jobs under its structure.  This involves getting a good education up to the university level, additional degrees and professional courses may prove to be beneficial to the applicants depending on the requirements for the job he or she is advertising for and also the structure where he is applying for.

    1. Private sector– this is when you work for private owned companies in Nigeria, there are plenty privately owned companies and firms in Nigeria which unemployed people can actually check to secure for themselves viable job openings in Nigeria. There are various online platforms that advertises job openings for these various private firms and companies in Nigeria. All you need do is to ensure that you follow these various online platforms to keep feeding you with various job openings in Nigeria across the various states in the federation
    2. NonGovernmental Organization– these are non-governmental organizations across the 36 states of the federation who are working on various objectives as it pertains to the need of Nigerians. There are non-governmental organization who are focused on health care, there are non-governmental organization in Nigeria that are focused on adequate water supply, there are non-governmental organizations in Nigeria that are focused on the girl child education among other sectors and structures. The northern part of Nigeria boasts of several non-governmental organizations that are actually focused on delivering certain services which are community based ones and which are tailored after the focus of the United Nations as highlighted under its Sustainable development goals. These various non-governmental organizations require staffs which they pay handsomely well with several other work bonuses. You can make good money from them by working for them or by tailoring your services to meet there needs. These non –governmental organizations need good and professional IT experts, they need translators, they need accommodations, logistics, health personnel, cleaners, security and many other personnel.

    In conclusion, making money in Nigeria might seem hard however it is possible. It is not something that is impossible, all you need do is to apply the right knowledge, get yourself ready for the numerous opportunities that keep coming by being sensitive and staying on the lookout to the happenings around us.


    By Marcus Amudipe

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