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Chrome book versus Laptop

Chrome book versus Laptop

The digital world is growing and advancing everyday with new inventions and improvements of old gadgets which gives us lots of options when buying or shopping for new digital additions. For many tech enthusiasts, there is no better time to be alive, as the world has been thrilled by tech companies with their recent mind blowing and amazing strides which has not brought about great ease in communication, but as also ensures that there is a faster, convenient and affordable way of going about several things.

Laptops and chrome books are great ICT tools or gadgets which are of great and immense benefits to all, it is not just about tech enthusiast or IT students, this is a tool that is beneficial to everyone, as they are useful in our different homes, as well as offices. Many Cooperate organizations and firms have now gone a step higher in equipping their staffs with state of the art ICT tools and gadgets, educating and empowering their staffs on to be ICT literate in their drive to ensure that their goals are tailored to meet the digital needs of their clients and also to bring about efficiency in their mode of engagement for better productivity.

For students also, this is no different as their academic pursuit have been further boosted with the invention of items such as the laptops and Chrome books, for them and other academic researchers, researching has been made easier as they can now get access to any academic materials anywhere in the world all from the comfort of their homes. The use of the virtual library has been greatly facilitated through inventions such as the laptops and Chrome books.

Talk about their importance to tech students, and their various complex works and functions, many of which has been boosted with the improved editions of the various types of Laptops, Chromes and other ICT gadgets. They can now perform complex task in a faster and simplified manner.

Remote workers can now freely work from the comfort of their homes, making decent living using these tools as their virtual offices whereby they can communicate with their respective customers or clients, this also applies to the various small and medium scale enterprise whose works have been greatly made easier cutting cost of having to rent offices or shops or spend a fortune in getting or owing a warehouse as all they needed do is to own any of these items and from there through their proper usage, they get to make better sales, get bigger reach visibility and also see a great improvement in their productivity.

These items in no small measure contributed a great deal to the advancement of mankind in all aspects of human endeavors, and they will continue to as the world welcomes great improvements in the coming years.

While these items are accessible and can be gotten anywhere across the world, it is also important that before attempting to getting any of these items that you get the proper information about them, their specifications and how you can get the best deal while buying them. many might find themselves overpaying for any of them or might even end up getting a product is not  suitable for their intended purpose, while in some other unfortunate situations, others might end up getting duped in the process.

Take for example; buying a laptop, you need to ensure that you get the necessary and vital information which you will need to getting a good deal while buying a laptop. Another factor which we shall consider in this article is centered on determining what item to buy, Laptop or Chrome book.

This might pose a great challenge to many as they may be in a fix over making a choice of which of the two items is better suitable to be bought or purchased.

Many will definitely be well acquainted or familiar with the Laptop but might not boast of same knowledge when it comes to the Chrome book, thus as a result of this, we shall be taking a close look at these two various items and all that you need to know when buying them or when you are in a dilemma over which is suitable for your purpose.

Laptops or Chrome books

Starting with a Chrome book, this is a kind of laptop that can only be used basically when one is online and as a result of its design or specifications, you cannot save files into it like you can do with the traditional laptop, which are the common Laptops which most people are already used to.

When it comes to the Chrome book, almost all it functions are online based with little or no provisions for offline usage, and everything or task done on the Chrome book are done through the Google Chrome browser and in the process, your files instead of them being saved on the device itself, they are saved onto the cloud.

What does the aforementioned implies, it means that upon their design and configuration, Chrome books do not come with storage facility and also unlike the common laptops they do not need or require a particularly fast processor to make them efficient or functional.

Adding to this, Chrome books do not run on windows for their operating system, instead they run on the Chrome OS.

Below are some of the functions or Pros of using a Chrome book

  1. Cheaper to acquire- compared to the usual laptops, Chrome books are very much cheaper to buy, a laptop can cost as double or as triple to the Chrome book. You do not have to spend a fortune to acquire it which does not place much financial burden on you when you buy.
  2. Chrome books are cheaper to use- for many people; the use of the common laptop may lead to the situation where you have to spend more on acquiring the right software to be used on your laptops. however when you use the Chrome book, you get to spend less on these software as the device is built to work online, removing the need for software, also its lack of a storage system makes it a lot easier.
  3. They are less Vulnerable to Viruses this is made possible because the platform is designed to not only function online but also use the Cloud Storage. On Chrome books you do not get to install software programs on the device or use flash drive from one device to another which can to a large extent jeopardize the security of the device. The implication of this revelation is that when you are using the Chrome book, you should forget the need or the cost associated to elimination of viruses on your device.
  4. Chrome books are best suitable for office mobility- for those who travel a lot in the course of the discharge of their duties, using the Chrome book can be a very excellent idea. One reason attributed to this is as a result of their portability. When it comes to their physical design, they are thinner and very handy, a lot lighter than the common laptop, thus as a result of this, it is very much easier to move them around without having to worry over their weight.
  5. Chrome book offers a wide platform for its users- the chrome books boast of platforms like the Gmail, CRM tools and other utility tools which are all integrated together which offers its users a wide and robust platform to work on and also leverage upon.
  6. Battery life- also the Chrome books are better built to minimize power consumption, as their battery last longer when fully charged.

The disadvantages of using a Chrome book

The aforementioned benefits that comes with acquiring or buying a  Chrome book might sound so interesting and exciting, however before you take that bold step to buying a Chrome book, here are the things that you must also put into consideration.

  1. You cannot use or install Microsoft office on Chrome books- the Microsoft office is a common and prominent utility tool used by all to carry out certain task. The Microsoft office is a program that contains the following tools, Word, Outlook, and Excel among several others. Many people might not find this good because Chrome books do not allow the Microsoft office. When you get a Chrome book you will have to use the suite which does not fully eliminate the need to use the Microsoft office tools as you will definitely need to engage with other people or companies using files in Microsoft office format.
  2. Chrome books are suitable for Multimedia projects- if you are the type that is into multimedia work or task, then the Chrome book is not for you. By design and specification, the Chrome book is limited and they are not as powerful as other system or laptop to manage multimedia documents
  3. Chrome books are not best suitable for playing games-if you are a game enthusiast, the you should steer off Chrome books, this is because they are not designed to meet the expectations of gamer as they do not have the required specifications to give gamer a top notch gaming experience. They are not as powerful and suitable to meet the graphical and computational requirements of `the 21st century gaming features. Some Chrome books allow its users to install on it android games while others do not provide this kind of luxury.
  4. Not functional online- without a stable internet connection, your Chrome book is as useless as a black in a white party. This means areas or locations that does not have good internet connection will make it impossible for a Chrome book to function effectively.


On the other hand, a laptop is a handy computer with similar functions, details with the desktop computer, the difference between both is that the laptop is portable, easier to access, and operate.

When it comes to the laptop, unlike the Chrome book, it offers various benefits as you can use it for various functions and unlike the Chrome book is not limited when it comes to specifications. Although they varies in brands and models which is among one of those reasons why you must ensure that you get the necessary information about them before you buy. The laptop can work both online and offline as you can work on it and save data when there is internet connection or not.

In term of size, the Chrome book might be easier to handle and carry, however you can still get super slim or thin laptop models although they might just be costlier.  Also in terms of display, laptop offers more quality when it comes to screen resolution. And for gamer, there are various laptops that are designed with state of the art features to give gamer an exciting gaming experience

Also for people who are into graphics work or any multimedia functions, we have laptops with specifications which are just right for those functions.

Another add-on is that when it comes to storage capacity of both the laptop and the Chrome-book, the laptop is the best device to go for as it has a better capacity to store data. The Chrome book only stores data on the cloud, while when you have a laptop, you can use the device storage to save your files, or even make use of external storage such as flash drive, and external hard drive or you can also use the cloud to save your files.

These two devices are state of the art items whose benefits are immeasurable for the good of mankind. The choice of getting any of the two devices should solely be based on the demand of your purpose for them. Both can function amazing well providing you make the decision of buying them based on the requirement of your need for them. However before buying any of them, do well to take the much necessary step of knowing more about them in order to have a good deal

Marcus Amudipe 

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