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By Marcus Amudipe


Do you have a budget to buy cheap cars in Nigeria and are you aware that you can actually buy cheap cars with no hassles and problems?  Where should you search for the most affordable and cheap vehicles in places like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, and other cities around the country. This article gives you a well detailed information on where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria and how to find cheap cars in Nigeria. We have prepared a list of selected and very helpful tips on how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria.

Searching for where to buy cheap cars in Nigeria?  It is no brainer and you need not to pull some magical feat to achieve that. Getting cheap and affordable cars in Nigeria should not be a great deal for people providing the access to wealth of information online platforms like and other websites provides on the internet. Gone are those days when buyers have to chase car dealers around who in most cases end up feeding intending buyers with the wrong information regarding how to buy cars of their choice in Nigeria leading them to making wrong choices and they eventually end up with bad cars which do not always stand the test of time as the new owners eventually turn frequent visitors of mechanic workshop, even at the very extreme some eventually find their way embroidered with different layers of police case over the car they got as some of the cars might be stolen cars or cars which has been used for different criminal activities.

Definitely no sane and responsible car buyer will deliberately go to the car market to get a car that will be a liability for him, this is the 21st century you do not have to climb mountains or unlock the seventh heavens to get a cheap car in Nigeria. And yes of course we cannot shy away from the fact that Nigerians like cheaper products. The word, “áwoof” is a popular term used in Nigeria to describe or qualify anything free. Well you cannot blame Nigerians for their natural perchance for anything free or cheap. The economic realities have gotten everyone on the edge which by implication demands the need to spend wisely.

Economic realities in Nigeria might be hard, nevertheless as against the olden days, having a car is not a privilege in our present realities, it is the question of ones comfort. For those living in the cities where they have to go long distance from work to their different homes and inevitably need to spend more time on the road. They get to save so much by driving their own cars and also it helps them to be in control of their schedule as they do not get to be burdened by the hassles and complexities of our public transport system.

Cheap and affordable cars can be the right answer to the transportation challenge of many as they might not be able to afford their dream cars. You can always find a nice used vehicle and save yourself some cash. For example If a brand new Lexus in Nigeria costs 10-12 million, you can always find cheaper solutions that fits into your budget.

Before we examine how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria, it is quite important that you as a buyer or intending buyer have sufficient information on the options of cheap cars for sale in Nigeria.  There is a huge need for you to understand that you do have a pool of varieties where you can make your choice from.


Used cars for sale in Nigeria by Owners

This is one of the cheapest ways you can ever buy a car in Nigeria without having to consider the out of Nigeria option. Many car owners sell their cars for various reasons ranging from financial inadequacies, lack of packing space, immigration, the desire to buy a new model and some wants to get rid of problematic cars. Nigeria used cars can be very low and this depends on the model of the car to be sold. It is quite surprising to know that you can get a car for as low asN150,000 and as higher as 5,000.000 or even higher. However whatever you do ensure that the car is properly documented before paying, also be sure on the true state or condition of the car you intend buying. Taking a trusted mechanic or anyone who knows quite well about cars will be definitely helpful in buying cheap cars


Auction Cars

The Nigeria Custom Service provides a very credible opportunity for Nigerians to buy cheap cars. Buying cars through auctions can be complicated at times if you do not have the right knowledge regarding it. is using this article to provide you with the information needed to make the right choice

With the Nigerian custom service, you can simply log on to their website to place a bid. Also ensure you identify an appropriate official of the Nigerian Custom Service before proceeding with any type of auction. . One of these risks is falling prey for fake auction sites.

Majority of the custom adverts on classified ads websites and newspapers are fake. Even at, we see some of such adverts that look like fake and we delete whenever we are able to determine it as fake.

If you find the appropriate contacts at the Nigerian Customs Service, you still need to make sure you understand its pros and cons


Fake Auction Sites

These are pseudo sites created by scammers to dupe unsuspecting car buyers of their money. If you must do online auction, ensure that you do a thorough background check of the platforms you want to use to buy


Fake Auction Agents

It is sad to admit that indeed Nigeria is filled with unscrupulous elements that are just waiting to lurk beneath the shadows and swindle the innocent ones off their hard-earned cash. The pages of the social media are filled with people posing as custom agents, so if you must use this platform, ensure that you go the extra mile to ascertain the authenticity of the agents you are talking to or go through the right channel by visiting the official site of the Nigerian custom


Intentional Misrepresentation of a vehicle true condition

Buying cars via auction sites can be complicated at times and as a result of this you as a buyer must be willing to go the extra mile. Some dubious car sellers will deliberately put up on their auction sites a report on the state of the car to be sold which is entirely different from the true condition. This they do so that they get buyers who will pick the bait and fall for their trap


Absence of Government Control for Auction Sales

Sales via auctions is an enterprise that is yet to be fully developed in Nigeria, coupled with this there are no strong regulations and policies to control the system. The Nigerian Association of Auctioneers is yet to have a full grasp of how to fully handle, control and effectively utilize the system in Nigeria.


What to do when buying Offline auction cars

All auctions have laid down regulations which you must adhere to if you want to use their platform to purchase any vehicle. And for potential buyers you must do well to ensure that you fully understand what the auction organization requires demands from the intending buyers. You must pay attention to detail when using any online car auction site and you must be careful to know the true state and condition of the car you intend buying before making any payment or finalizing your plans.


Some popular car auction sites that you can learn from are:



Another way to for intending car buyers to purchase their choice cars is by


Asking family and friends to sell you Nigeria used cars

this is another safe way to acquire good cheap cars without any potential problems. This is because not only can you get cars from relatives very cheap, but also you get to examine these cars and easily know the true condition of the cars by bringing in a professional or car specialist to help you examine these cars before finalizing the deal.


Buy Nigerian-made Cars

Otherwise known as made in Nigeria cars, homemade cars provide intending car buyers a great deal of varieties which comes at a very cheaper price compared to the new cars or imported used cars from other countries. Following the various stiif and back breaking policies placed on the importation of both new cars and used cars from other countries as they have to churn out stiff import duties on whole cars assembled outside Nigeria and the various outrageous clearing fees, intending car buyers can explore the possibilities of checking out the various home made otherwise known as made in Nigeria cars.  The Innoson car company is a popular firm in Nigeria that is highly noted for producing home-made cars which are very cheap to acquire and are road worthy. Some Nigerian made models are include IVM Grand i10 and the Nissan Almera. However it is important to note that not all made in Nigerians cars are practically affordable or cheap.


Consider Fuel Economy Cars

Why not consider cars that falls into this category when buying carts. The fuel economy cars are cars that cut down on fuel usage by squeezing out the most miles for gallon of fuel used. The unique factor that comes with a fuel economy car is that it helps their users to reduce their car maintenance costs and also safeguard the environment through decreased emissions. Now there is another side to buying fuel economy cars is that they may be quite expensive to buy, however its fuel and maintenance cost can be save the users thousands of naira in the long run while on the other side buying cheap cars  may in the long run turn into extremely expensive situation as a result of excessive fuel consumption , frequent repairs and yearly overhauls. This is why when you are buying cheap cars you must have it at the back of your mind that you are likely to spend more on the car maintenance later as you start and continue to use the purchased cars.

Also it is quite important to note that according to various car specialists, car enthusiast and car sellers that Japanese made cars have proven to be way cheaper to maintain in Nigeria compared to its contemporaries. This is not surprising in Nigeria as the Nigerian roads are majorly filled with Japanese brands which includes Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Avensis, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sienna, Honda Accord, Honda City, Honda Pilot and Lexus. Worthy to note are other brands such as Peugeot and Volkswagen which have successfully been used in Nigeria as the makers claimed that the Peugeot cars are exclusively made for the Nigerian road


Apapa Car Market, Berger Car Market

This is the largest and biggest Nigerian platforms where you can buy a used car. Here intending buyers can find varieties of Tokunbo cars and they also have the opportunity to physically check and assess the true condition of these cars before buying


Your Local Market

Most Nigeria cities do have their own respective car markets where intending buyers can assess to buy cheap cars. Though they might not be as big as the Apapa market which implies that by implication they possess limited varieties of cars for sale however local markets can be a very easy platform and credible markets to buy used cars.

Kano, Kaduna or Anambra Centers- Compared to Lagos, Abuja and other major cities in Nigeria where cans be quite expensive, there are nice places in the northern and southern part of Nigeria where car buyers can visit to get relatively cheaper cars


How to buy cheap cars in Nigeria

Since the nations economic realities will not avail many of the chance and opportunity to buy new cars which leaves them with the choice of going for cheap used cars otherwise known as Tokunbo which if care is not taken a wrong choice of used cars might prove disastrous for the buyer. Most Tokunbo cars these days comes with various uncertainties, they may be stolen cars, faulty cars painted good and other factors..

In the face of these uncertainties and irregularities which come with buying used cars, there are basic guidelines and steps which if followed will prove very useful in getting not just cheap cars in Nigeria but also good cars which can stand the test of time on the bad Nigerian roads.


Step 1:

Do a Proper and well detailed Research – it is not advisable for intending car owners to just go to the car market to buy car from car sellers without doing a proper and thorough background check on the true state of the car they intend buying. There are various means or ways through which intending car buyers can check or get to know more about the type of cars they want to buy. The internet provides a whole lot of information on this there are various websites such as where you can get to have the right knowledge regarding the type of cars you intend buying and the challenges you might likely experience in the course of using them. Also you can get more experience by visiting your local mechanic, friends and relatives. Doing this will give you an in-depth knowledge about the brand, price and best location to buy

Have a Budget– it is quite important that you have a budget for this purpose. When you have a range then you can determine with the set budget which brand of car your budget can afford. Doing this you get to consult car sellers to help you determine the type of cars that can fit into your budget structure

Identify the Preferred Car– once you have a budget this helps you to identify the particular type of car you intend buying. Once this is done you can run a quick check on other markets platforms to check their offer for the car which you intend buying

A Second Check– Once you have been able to identify the car you intend buying, be careful not to rush to the stage of paying for the car. Instead of doing that, it is important that you subject the cars to further test and thorough examination. At this stage it is quite important that you engage a third party to do this so that the tiny details which you might have overlook in the first stage of checking the car can be seen by another. Also you must check to see if the information written online about the cars are actually true and if you are buying from a friend, relative or individual seller, you can even take the car for a road test to determine its road worthiness. Rust and signs of oil leakage are not great indicators that you have made the right choice. If it is possible run a vehicle identification number test, this when done will uncover important elements of the cars history

Paper work- to avoid future problems with custom agents, road safety officials and police, it is important that you ensure that the car has the right and legit document. Used cars must be treated with utmost scrutiny and thorough examination. You must determine if the car is actually brought into the country legally and if possible ensure you go a long with a third party. Also do well to get insurance such as third party insurance cover such as third party insurance

Conclusion- getting a used cheap cars might not be as problematic as people use to think it is. With the information provided here it is no gainsaying to assert that you can make the right decision if you ever determine to buy a used cheap cars in Nigeria

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