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How to Pull and Retain Customers

How to Pull and Retain Customers


Some of us complain of not making sales, or sometimes make sales today, taking a long time before making another one. Some simply complain of not having loyal customers. If you fall under any of these categories, you have probably not applied some intentional sales techniques. 


Regardless of the type of product you sell or service you offer, there are some general but IMPORTANT rules to follow when involved in the business of buying and selling or service rendering. 


Do well to carefully follow through, put the following techniques into practice for result and see how your customer database increases. I hope you will find this article useful.


Know your customers

Knowing your customers has to do with deciding who your target audience is, knowing the channels through which they can be reached. It doesn’t stop there; it also involves knowing how to how to sell to them.

Before venturing into any business at all, it would be a total risk just running into a business, not knowing whom to sell to. It’s like skydiving without a parachute. For instance, an intending fashion designer would have to determine if s/he wants to specialize in male clothing, female clothing, unisex, kids wears, or all of the above.

After knowing your target audience, the next step is to know what channel or channels to be employed to reach your target audience. Again, using the fashion designing business as an example, if it is men’s clothing the designer plans to focus on, he could reach out to his target audience by participating in a fashion show(s). If participating in a fashion show seems rather too much to do at the moment, he could attend these fashion shows, consciously networking while sharing his business card or something to define or represent what he does when necessary. Another certain way to reach your target audience is by having a physical store where passersby could have good views of your clothing designs from a distance. Also, the designer will have to practice intentional self-marketing by Always dressing well as this would call attention from people who would admire his attire and wouldn’t mind walking up to him to ask where he got his cloth made. This is one of the best ways to sell. This also includes businesses like the bag business, where someone admires your bag and you immediately use that opportunity to market your brand.

Moving on to selling. For instance, someone admires and goes ahead to complement your skin. Because you are into the skincare business, you don’t just say thank you and leave. You are to immediately market your brand by making him/her know you’re the brain behind your skin glow. At this stage, your potential customer has already picked interest in you. It is now left to you to do the needful by marketing yourself, get to exchange contacts, and referrals could even come from that same person upon successful work done. Just do well to deliver.


Be Friendly

It is necessary that when in the business of buying and selling or rendering any service, one has to be friendly. This is because it is through this means that one gets to network. Another term for networking is being friendly. The same way a smiling face is contagious, a friendly person pulls people to themselves with less effort. If being friendly can make you attractive to people, isn’t it worth employing in your business to make sales?


Sell Quality

Nothing pays more than being known for quality service or product. Have you ever paid for a graphic design only for you to be offered a poorly made design? or you ordered for a portion of finger food that was badly prepared? or you visited the spa where their services were saddening? or a fashion designer who ended up destroying your beautiful fabric with a badly made dress? If you were the customer that at least, one of the above happened to, would you return to that person whom you did not have a good experience with his/her service delivery to help deliver another service? The answer is obvious.

For customer retention, it is important to deliver on your customer’s === on a scale of satisfactory, on expectation, or beyond expectation. Just avoid delivering a lesser than satisfactory level.



Avoid filling customers with the impression that your products or service is overpriced. Once customers have this notion of your business, it can weaken your customer database and even block referrals and this can be terrible when you are just starting. I’m sure you don’t want these for your business. People love the quality as well as a service or product being affordable. Let your customers have the best you can offer at a friendly price. This isn’t to say that you should underprice yourself, No! Underpricing would even send a wrong signal as people will begin to doubt the quality of your service. Let your customers have that experience that they are not just getting the best, but they are getting it at not too high a price.


Know Your Product

Imagine calling the help desk of a phone company to inquire about the recently released phone and the call agent is lost or isn’t aware of the recent happening regarding the particular product, what impression has that call agent passed on to you a customer? Not so good an impression right? This is why it is important to know your product if you would be handling your business yourself. And if you will be employing the services of a marketer, sales representative, call center agents, etc. it is best you employ the best hands from one of the top recruitment agencies in Nigerian or top business process outsourcing in Nigeria.

Knowing your product will also help you give your customers the best advice relating to the product that will fulfill their needs or the product that will serve them better. This simple act makes a customer trust in your services, and this will convert to that customer becoming loyal to you because you have gained his/her trust.


Follow Up

This cannot be underemphasized. Following up is necessary for the successful running of any business no matter how small or how big. Upon the successful completion of a sales order, you could reach out to the client seeking feedback regarding the recently bought item. One could also use this opportunity to expose the client to other services or products the client wasn’t aware of and some clients could instantly make an order of that service, or on a later day remember that you offer that particular service then quickly reach out to you.

Following up on your customers shouldn’t always be about selling a product, it could just be checking on the wellbeing of your customers. Customers love it when they know that you are not only after their money but that you care about them. You don’t need to disturb your customers with incessant calls, text messages, or emails. You could simply greet them on their birthday via a text message, or send them good wishes during festive seasons such as Easter, Id el Kabir, etc. and this should be after collating some specific information from customers. These acts would put a smile on their faces.


Bonuses, discounts, special offers, promo

Most successful businesses wouldn’t deny the fact that giving out bonuses, offering discounts, giving special offers and promo makes a customer happy, and if they are happy, they will definitely come back. No matter how big a brand is, they still engage in these sales techniques.


No business can stand without customers. Therefore, it is important one knows and masters the techniques of sales and marketing for one’s business to grow. It can be tough, but it is only a matter of time if you put in the required energy.


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