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Welcome to Backup Document Services, premier solution to all your document problems. We strive to excel and exceed your expectations and we make sure your information is 100% SECURITY is guaranteed as we encrypt all client information safe in the data cloud. Our documents are printed with standardized machines, using advance techniques, with security threats and holograms clearly inserted. Dual Citizenship for sale, fake ID card for sale, Buy passport online, buy Diplomatic passport, buy real and fake passport online.

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We guarantee a New Identity starting from a novel Birth Certificate, ID card, Drivers License, real Passport, fake Passport, Social security card with SSN, diplomas, university degrees, IELTS & TOEFL certificate, Bank Statements, and Resident Permits all in an entirely NEW NAME ISSUED

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We are accredited generators of quality real and fake passport ID documents which can be utilized to travel abroad and work in any part of the world. Our real produced paperwork are registered in the corresponding state/national database system. As for our fake documents they look 100% real, but have database scanning limitations, so we advice it’s usage to hover around national verifications.

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