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How to Start Selling Cars in Nigeria

How to Start Selling Cars in Nigeria

There are many people right now with the same though as you, yes, you really do have a car which you are thinking of selling. No hassles, there is no magical way to doing that.

People buy cars in Nigeria every day, either online or walking straight to the car mart where they pick their choice or preferred car. So many thoughts will definitely be running through the field of your mind like a rabbit on a carrot field, oh I want to sell my car! how do I go about it, can I still get a good price for it, can I sell it online or just sit back and wait for a buyer to come by chance.

There is nothing insane about having these thoughts or feelings. It is quite normal; all you need is the right information to settle the dust on your mind regarding this. It can be so simple if you have the right piece of information regarding how to sell your car.

In some light, it can also be messy if you ignore some salient minute details in the process which might linger for long which I know that you do not want.

Let us start with this, remember when you brought your first car, not necessarily your first car, but then when you were about buying your cars, what were the things you were looking forward to, new car or cheap cars, how good the cars are?, are they fuel consuming?, do they have the right paper works? etc. you have to understand that you are selling a car in Nigeria, and if it is not properly done, it might turn into a police affair which is quite bad and probably the last thing you want to get yourself involved with, don’t be scared Nigerian police are good people.

When you’re selling a car, there are many things you can do to make sure you get as much money from the sale as possible.

Getting the best sales price can help you pay off your old loan and make a large down payment on a new car. Your options range from simply trading it into a car dealership to selling it yourself to a private-party buyer.

You’ll potentially get the most money from selling it yourself, but it takes more preparation and perseverance than trading it in.

There are diverse ways through which you can sell your cars, you can either choose to sell it online or sell it onsite that is physical. However, these days selling online have become a popular method as there are various benefits associated with it.


The benefits are listed below

  • Gives you access to a much wider audience
  • Some online sites offer secure payment methods so you do not have to worry about being scammed
  • Allows you to give a lot more detail about the vehicle including pictures
  • Potential buyers will also be able to send in questions about the vehicle.

After you have decided that you will be selling your car, the following steps will prove valuable in selling them.

  1. Get your car in good Condition– Definitely, you will not want to sell your car in a bad condition except if you are ready to lose money, so it is essential that you get your car ready for sale. Not only this when you’re selling to a private party, but a vehicle with a well-documented service and repair history can also command a higher price than one with no paperwork.  Gather as many of the service documents as you can find, so you’re prepared to show it to potential buyers. If the car has been repaired following a collision, proof of what was repaired and that it was fixed by a reputable shop can reduce buyer uncertainty. If you’re the first owner of the car, showing the initial purchase documents can get you a little more cash. One-owner cars are typically more valuable than those that have changed hands multiple times.  Also, sellers who still owe money on the car they’re selling should contact their lender to determine the procedure for getting the title to the vehicle. If you’re trading the car in or accepting an instant cash offer, the dealer you’re working with will usually take care of this step. With a private-party sale, you’ll want to know how to do it and how long the process takes. The following information will be of great need when selling your car
  • Color
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Your contact details


  • Model or make
  • The year of manufacture and registration
  1. Set an asking price – the next step in selling your car after getting it ready for sale is fixing the asking price. Definitely either you are using online or onsite, you will want your car to stand out from all the other used cars for sale by owner near you. So you first need to estimate the value of your car so you can set an attractive “asking price” for your used car. You can check local car vendors or mart or check car selling websites online to inquire about this. When this has been done, assuming your asking price is twenty nairas set the asking price of twenty-five naira or thirty nairas. This is done in order to curtail the implications of negotiations. A potential buyer during the process of negotiating for the buying price might call for a reduction in price, and in most cases, you as a seller must be ready to meet the buyer halfway in the negotiation process. When you set the asking price a little bit above the original price it ensures that you do not lose too much.
  2.   Give your car curb appeal-

The best way to sell your car is to give it curb appeal. When a buyer shows up to see your car, you want them to take one look and say, “It looks great!” You don’t have to fix every little dent and scratch, but wash and vacuum the car and remove all the junk that’s accumulated over the years. Giving it a professional detail is good for newer, more expensive used cars. But the higher the price, the longer it will take to sell the car, and the gleam of the detailing will wear off after a few weeks. Pay particular attention to all the details a prospective buyer will see as he or she approaches the car, opens the door and slides into the driver’s seat. You want that positive impact to continue as she sits in the car and, hopefully, picture it as her very own.

  1. Use credible online selling platforms– it is quite important that you use credible websites when selling your cars online. Do not just sign up with any website you come across online, do your findings, and check the ratings and reviews. If you use the wrong or an ineffective platform to sell then you might be positioning yourself for a long unwanted ride
  2. Create an ad that sells-

This is applicable to people that uses online services or platforms to sell their cars. Do well to ensure that you are using a good ad that portrays your car the way it is. Take good pictures of pictures of your car in different angles. Add a good description of its condition that is an honest review of the car

After contact has been established between you and the potential buyer of the car and the need arises that both of you need to see and check out the physical condition of the car, probably test drive it also, this should be after a price has been agreed. Please ensure that you both agree on a suitable payment system that will work for both of you.

This can be done in two ways, either in full cash or via transfer

If you are paying through the online transfer system , kindly ensure that you double check by calling your bank to confirm the transfer, these days it is easier for some people to use fake credit alert to scam others and if you collecting in cash, do ensure that you do not hand over the keys until you receive your money.

There are a lot of scams to be avoided which you must look out for when selling your car

  • Fake credit alert which shows on your phone telling you that you have been credited a certain amount of money
  • People wanting to buy your car using Paypal or similar e-payment system.The account might have been set up using false credit card details
  • A buyer who pays Cheque and takes the car before the Cheque is cleared, but the Cheque bounces a few days later because it is fake


By Marcus Amudipe

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