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How to Start Selling Womens Bags in Nigeria

How to Start Selling Womens Bags in Nigeria

Doing business in Nigeria can be really productive and lucrative providing you that you have the right business knowledge of the Nigerian market.

There are a whole lot of business ventures that you can venture into that will give you the financial stability that you so deserve and that you have always wanted. Within the Nigerian market, there are various fast selling products which you can sell online as well as onsite.

All you need do is to avail the opportunity to do this, study the market, and put the knowledge acquired from your research to work. Among the numerous business venture that you can lay your hands on is the selling of bags in Nigeria.

The women’s fashion industry has a lot to offer young and budding entrepreneurs in Nigeria as it is an industry that is receiving much patronage from people as the 21st-century world has seen to the fact there is plenty of fashion enthusiasts who are keeping up with the world’s latest fashion trends.

The is a big market for fashion inclined business in Nigeria, the teeming population of the youths in Nigeria, the unavailability of jobs in the country coupled with the fact that there is an unending release of various fashion brands and products into the fashion market.

This has made people more conscious of engaging in fashion items or products.

Selling of bags in Nigeria has grown to be very lucrative as earlier stated, especially among the ladies as there is a bag to go for every dress they were. These bags come in various brands, sizes, and colors. A visit to an average Nigerian lady’s house will tell you all you need to know about the high demand for bags among ladies in Nigeria.

Types of Trends Bags in Nigeria in High Demand


  1. Fossil Emerson Medium Satchel Handbag


Unique for its originality, shape, and size, this Fossil leather handbag top the list of our trending handbags in Nigeria. When you look to buy trendy, affordable, and durable handbags, I recommend this bag to you. In fact, few of the well-known Nigerian female celebrities have been seen carrying this black leather bag on the street of Lagos.


  1. Ankara Bags and Purse are trendy

Ankara style dresses are beautiful while Ankara purse and bags are alluring; that is to say, purse or handbags made with Ankara are termed powerfully and mysteriously attractive, fascinating and at the same time, seductive. Truly, they are.

As each day go by, the popularity of Ankara bags continues to grow. In fact, some Nigerian celebrities now rock Ankara outfits and Ankara bags at various occasions. Therefore, it is no secret that the Ankara revolution has taken over the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Ankara bags are fabulous; in general, these bags are perfect with dress sewn from the same fabric.



  1. The Shoulder Bag

When it comes to everyday bag, the shoulder bag is the most reliable and functional bag of them all. For one thing, almost every brand has its own variants, which only makes it more difficult to resist buying multiple ones from different brands.

From time to time, Nigerian love good brands; and presently, the love for Michael Kors and Fossil-branded bags are trending in the country.

Why are Nigerians getting fond of the shoulder handbags? Well, they are big and fit in all your bare necessities and purpose


Starting a ladies bag business requires certain simple processes which if followed will guarantee the maximum business success that you desire.

  1. Research– it is quite important that you do proper market research before you start your business. Thorough market research will enable you to have the much-needed knowledge and understanding about how the business works. Through this you get to understand the demand and supply curve, how to reach out to potentials customers, where you can probably buy and stock your stores with bags gotten at a very cheaper price which when sold you get a nice turnover.
  2. Business Plan– In every starting business, a plan of action is important. For your business to thrive, you need to identify your target market and learn the kind of products that they buy. Also, you need to ask questions from different stores and customers regarding products, the price, and quality. Make a list of materials and other things that you need for the business together with the projected cost of operations within the year. Consult experts on your plans and seek advice from entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Take note of the legal requirements and prepare all the necessary documents. Decide and define the kind of business venture you wish to create. Analyze your manpower needs to see if you need employees and if you do, how many will you hire? Organize your plans and identify possible constraints. Compile all this in one report, so that you will have a guide to follow.
  3. Register Your Business- it is quite important that you register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission {CAC} this when done will give your business venture a legal back up which in the long run will give your business credibility. People feel confident and rest assured when they do business with registered outfits.
  4. Location- this is solely dependent on whether your business outfit will be an online store alone or an onsite one. However, if you have decided to get an onsite shop, do well to ensure that the chosen location is not a secluded one which will be inaccessible to the people
  5. Stock your Store- you can either decide to stock your store using the local market in Nigeria or you can choose to import from china or any of the countries noted for selling ladies’ bags at a cheaper price, which can later be sold in retail in Nigeria. Listed below are places in Nigeria where you can get ladies’ bags in Nigeria to stock your store with the latest types of bags that are in demand by bags lovers across Nigeria.


Where You Can Buy Bags at Wholesale Price in Nigeria

#1: Balogun market:

Balogun Market is another place where you can buy wholesales bags in Lagos, Nigeria. This market lies in the very heart of Lagos Island and just a mile from Broad Street.

I’ll tell you a secret, in the Balogun market, you will get cheap bags. But there is a place called the underground. That is where you bags at wholesale prices. Those who sell on the streets on Balogun got to Underground there in Balogun to buy and resell. Balogun is one reason Lagos stands as the commercial nerve center of Nigeria. When it comes to shopping for the best in quality and fashion trendy bags this should be your number one point of call. In Balogun, precisely the Nnamdi Azikiwe axis, both locally made and imported fashion trendy bags can be purchased at wholesale. Be it bags for work for professional women or a trendy clutch purse for that suave woman, be rest assured that whatever your needs or the need of your customers may be, you will not be disappointed. Balogun market has no actual address because it sprawls across so many streets on the island. Balogun is popularly known for wholesale goods and people from Lagos and other parts of Nigeria throng into this market on a daily basis searching out goods


#2: Idumota:

Also located on Lagos Island, is the best place to buy wholesale goods including bags at a very cheap price. To navigate, you take the Orile Iganmu axis for those familiar with Lagos, and the nearest bus stop is Apongbon and Balogun. Idumota is divided into smaller sections/streets such as Oke Arin, Idumagbo and Oluwole. It is one of the largest markets in Nigeria where you can get bags of all shapes sizes and style.


#3: Oshodi: One of the biggest markets in Lagos metropolis and the second largest in Nigeria. Most people prefer shopping for items in Oshodi to other markets. You can get varieties of quality fashion bags at relatively cheap prices. Strategically located on the mainland, you can get a bus from any part of the city to convey you to Oshodi. Its nearest bus stops are Ijesha Cele, Isolo. This market harbors over 600 shops.


#4: Yaba:

Located on the (Lagos) Mainland, and popularly known in Lagos as a cradle for two higher institutions of learning, Yaba is also famous for the Tejuoso market which is one of the busiest markets. Tejuosho Market is located in the heart of Yaba. You can varieties of goods here and fashion accessories including handbags and the prices vary depending on the quality and quality of what you intend to buy but this notwithstanding; they still offer the best prices. There are over 300 stores and shops laid out in this market however, it’s one place to surely purchase wholesale bags and find the stock at reduced prices.


Best Strategies to Start Selling Your Bags

There are various means and methods of selling your bags without hassles in the Nigerian Market. One of the most effective platforms for selling your wares is through the use of the internet. Through the use of online platforms such as blogs, websites, and other social media platforms {Facebook, Twitter Instagram} and other Targeted Ads.

There is a website that offers users a near market experience where people can advertise their products and give their wares the much-needed visibility. Platforms like Delon Market are one of Nigeria’s leading online platform which business owners can use to give your business the facelift that you need.

Also through the building of good business relationships with your customers, you get to enhance your business through feedbacks from your respective customers; this enables you to improve on your services.



By Marcus Amudipe

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