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Selling Children’s Clothes Online

Selling Children’s Clothes Online

No doubt the fashion industry is one industry in Nigeria that cannot be overlooked as it has over the years proven to be a goldmine with the influx of various fashion trends which is constantly been embraced by the various fashion lovers and enthusiast who loves to feel good by dressing good  and nice. Selling clothes in Nigeria has become so lucrative that people now make a fortune out of selling clothes using various platforms such as the internet to give visibility to their respective business to make sales online. While some have resorted to using onsite shops and boutique for their sales, others have also engaged the internet as a veritable tool and platform to sell their wares. The business of selling products online in Nigeria has been a very competitive one recently, as many people have discovered the importance of patronizing e-commerce stores or online vendors so as to reduce stress and sometimes cost to some extent.

Selling online has been made easier in Nigeria with the advent of various e-commerce platforms like which gives users a marketplace like experience, offering them a host of varieties of items for online shoppers.

Even as the importance of the internet continue to grow in among business owners in Nigeria, there are plenty businesses that can be done online in Nigeria. From selling cars online, to doing remote jobs online among other online jobs. One of those businesses which can be run online within the fashion industry is selling of children’s clothes online. As mentioned earlier the fashion industry has taken a major place in the growing of the nation’s GDP, fashion in this term is not just limited to adults alone as children dress has now grown to be more trendy and more designed to fit and for various occasions and  events. Selling of Children’s clothes in Nigeria can be so lucrative considering the nation’s population details. Nigeria a country of over two- hundred thousand inhabitants is considered one of the most fertile country in the world and its population growth is on the increase. The current birth rate for Nigeria in 2020 is 37.269 births per 1000 people. Adding to this it is projected to rise at an average of six million yearly, according to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

Furthermore children are known to outgrow their babies clothes so fast and it leaves many of the clothe you buy them useless for them after they wear it once or twice.  , Children grow out of their clothes incredibly fast and it always seems like a shame to throw them out or donate them to a thrift store. On average, your baby will grow 0.5–1 inch and gain 5–7 ounces per month in the first year. All that rapid growth means your little bundle will outgrow his or her clothes from one wear to the next

Selling children’s clothes online is one powerful alternative. This gives you the chance to make money instead of losing it.

As a new mom, you’ll likely be gifted with a ton of gorgeous little baby outfits, and friends and family may hand down bags of clothes. Or you may have bought too many adorable outfits when you were pregnant, like I did. Your little one’s closet will be stuffed to the brim with items that will get worn only once or twice before they no longer fit.

What will you do with all those barely worn clothes? Well, selling them is always a good option! You can clean out the overflowing closet and make a little cash in the process.

You’re not limited to second-hand clothing either. There are also ways to make money promoting new pieces of clothing. That angle could be particularly good if you’re passionate about kids clothing or if you like keeping up with the latest trends.

There are plenty things you can do with children’s clothing in Nigeria, you can be a distributor/wholesale, buy from overseas in container to cell to wholesalers and retailers in Nigeria. A common feature or trend in the Nigerian business circle is the art of now importing from china.   Even undergraduates now leverage on this opportunity to sell various goods using their Whatsapp and other social media platform as a channel to sell their goods. You can finish selling a container of goods within a week if you build your customer base over time and be rocking millions into your account. Selling children clothes online in Nigeria offers you to explore various varieties of children’s clothing and accessories. Items like Bab soft shoes, baby stockings, baby food, children school bags, baby sterilizers, warmer towels, oil, bath, baby bibs, baby sleep suit, the short sleeve sells faster, kiddies educational/playground toys ranging from swings, slides, kids playground fence. Crib mittens, caps, stuff toys, feeding bottles, safety equipment’s, bed dings, and toiletries. Bonnie jeans shawl, sleep suit, body suit, rubber napkin/paint bookies, short knickers, tops, wipes, amnesia powder, tooth bush, breast pump, hot water flask, baby cot, cloth drawer, baby nest, trolley, cloth peg, washing machine, nursing bras, sanitary pad, nightingale towel, tissue, pajamas, slippers, spirit, baby pusher, baby cup and spoon, handkerchief, olive oil, cotton wool, silver bird, baby comb, laundry basket, baby outing bag


Where to stock your online products in Nigeria 

Apart from importing your children’s clothing from the abroad which might in incur extra charges which will increase your selling price, there are several places in Nigeria where you can buy and stock your children’s clothing store. Lagos is the home to many of these items, just like it is easier buying cheap cars in Lagos, buying of children’s clothing items can be without hassle if you know where to search for. Lagos Island, Idumota is the best bet for you to get what you are looking for at affordable prices. Also to buy in Bulk you can go to Dosumu market. Alade Market in Allen Avenue, Tejuosho Market offers customers and buyers the opportunity of quality and unique

Starting an online clothing business in Nigeria is quite different from using setting up an onsite shop which involves renting a shop or setting up a shop, stocking the shop and employing workers who will assist you with the sales. There is nothing like that with setting up an online children’s clothing store. Below are things you need in setting up your online children clothing store.

  1. Good internet connection– this is one of the most important factor to be considered in setting up an online children clothing store. Without a good internet connection it will be impossible for you to get your goods online for others to see. Do well to ensure that you have a good personal computer or functioning mobile phone with a good service provider.
  2. Social Media Account– platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter among many others are good platforms where you can reach out to the public to give the much needed visibility to your business. So once you decided to start selling children’s clothing online, do well to open a social media account, there are various platforms that allows its users to open business accounts which makes it easier for them to conduct business online.
  3. Open a bank Account with a Good and Stable Banking Institution– it is very important that you ensure that you have a bank account with a very functional bank in Nigeria. Since you are selling online which implies that you will need to conduct and complete your business transaction online, your customers will find it discouraging when you put them on hold for a long time just because you are yet to receive the alert of the money sent to you for an item. Thus ensure that you use a very fast and efficient banking service which will aid and help you conduct your money transactions with your respective customers smoothly and without any difficulties.
  4. Take Good Pictures– while you are putting your wares online for people to see, ensure that you use a good devise to take good and clear pictures. When you use a device which offers a low picture quality it affects how people see and rate your wares. Even if they are good wares, a low picture quality will discourage people from patronizing you
  5. Add a valid Address to your profile– People can be very skeptical when it comes to buying goods online. This is because of the high rates of criminal activities done online in which unsuspecting customers and online shoppers are duped of their cash. Thus as a result of this ensure that you add a valid address to your business profile. Do all you can to make it credible and legit
  6. Targeted Audience– you have to bear in mind that you are not selling clothes for everybody, what you are selling is children’s clothes online, so when creating your profile and adding friends or followers on the social media, do well to make friends with nursing mothers, pregnant women, or newly wedded couples. When you made friends with people outside these circles, it will affect your sales ratio.
  7. Have an official Business Number/Email– since most online sellers run their businesses remotely, most times from the comfort of their homes, they must ensure that they do not mix domestic activities with their business activities. While setting up your social media accounts use an official email or create a business line for your business dealings. This will ensure that you have a professional outlook which is very important
  8. Fast and Realizable Delivery System– since you are running an online business venture, this implies that in most cases, you will need to deliver goods brought from you to their respective buyers and in doing so you will definitely need the services of a delivery agents. When doing this ensure that you are using the services of a trusted and reputed agent, one that will not delay deliveries, one that will not run away or steal the properties which he or she was meant to protect and deliver in one piece.
  9. Stay Online– if you have an onsite shop you will definitely stay there, so selling online should not be different. You must treat it like a physical job and must be available at all times to attend to your customers at all times without having to keep them waiting.
  10. Create room for feedbacks– ensure that you create a room for feedbacks from your respective customers and clients. This when done will enable you to keep abreast with the perception and rating of your wares by your customers. This will also help you increase your services for better performance
  11. Run Sponsored ads– do not just rest on the capacity of your followers online to sell your goods, instead engage the use of sponsored ads to grow your customer base which in the long run increase your sales.
  12. Quality over Quantity– Ensure that you place more emphasis on the sales of quality over quantity. Do not just sell children’s clothing for profit sale. Ensure that what you give out for sales are good and of high quality. The presentation of your wares online matters a lot, stained and wrinkled clothing is not good for sales as potential buyers will be put off and discouraged from buying them. Ensure that before you put up any clothing wares for sale online, they must be in good condition. Quality matters a lot
  13. Preserve the Integrity of your brand– never engage in shady business, do well to protect the integrity of your brand and ensure that you respect your customers and do right by them.
  14. Register Your Brand– it is not just enough for you to own a business. Also do well to register your brand with the CAC, Corporate Affairs Commission. Once this is done, it not only gives your business a professional outlook, but also it gives it credibility. There are plenty criminal outfits on the internet posing to be legit businesses.
  15. Study the Market– Children clothes varies, there are clothes to be worn during the raining season, there are clothes to be worn during the dry season, so do well to do a thorough market survey of which clothes are suitable for the season before buying them.
  16. Build a Brand – What every clothing line need is a brand. Make sure that the name of your line is creative, unique and catchy. After that, you need to create a logo. Make sure that your logo reflects the philosophy and nature of the brand. Be reminded that the name of the company can be different from the name of the clothing line itself, which you need to register for legalities.
  1.  Write a business plan- In every starting business, a plan of action is important. For your business to thrive, you need to identify your target market and learn the kind of products that they buy. Also, you need to ask questions from different stores and customers regarding products, the price and the quality. Make a list of materials and other things that you need for the business together with the projected cost of operations within the year


Platforms that can be used to sell Children clothes online.– also a good platform but it takes time to get your product on their website. You need to do documentation, and the good thing about the platform is that there services are for free and they give visibility to a larger audience which goes a long way in boosting their clients profile and business

  1. Instagram

Instagram Another popular platform on our list because it’s a common social media platform people use now and spend more time on. On this platform you get the chance to own your own accounts which you can tailor to be a business account which enables you to conduct and transact business activities. Through the use of hash tags you get the opportunity to reaching a bigger audience

However, to run a successful clothing line on Instagram you must first create a profile and start uploading pictures of your snapped clothes. You should tag your friends, tag celebrities and Instagram influencers as you’re doing this so that your products will appear on their profile too even if they don’t comment on your pictures. After doing this for quite a while, you should run a systematic advert to reach more people on Instagram. By systematic, I mean choosing the right day, time, age of users you want to see your product, and so on. Running your advert any time of the day will be a total waste of time and resources.


  1. Facebook

Facebook is still useful despite its ups and downs recently plus the fact that you might not need to run a paid ad on it if you have many friends like 2,000 friends above.

But then again the time and day you post these pictures determines greatly how far they will go. I’ve noticed posting my pictures on Saturday evening reach more people than posting on Wednesday. And I’ve noticed why. Nigerians are always busy on the weekdays and even when they get home most time they just want to eat, watch TV and sleep. Also on Facebook you can run sponsored ads which enable you to have a bigger reach to the targeted audience and it runs for a stipulated period of time.

  1. Blogs

This one is a bit different from all the ones I’ve mentioned so far because it’s not a social media platform. However, you can still sell clothing on a blog – if you have one.

All you need to is create a page and upload pictures of your clothes to that page.

Note: This only works if your blog attracts enough traffic and have built enough trust with Nigerians

Jumia is also a good platform but it takes time to get your product in their online mall. You need to do documentation and also pay a certain fee.

Also, I heard you’ll need to be paying them a certain percent each time someone buys your product through their platform. I don’t know how true this is. Let me know in the comments if it is. But I’ll say this platform is not profitable if you’re just starting out because it can drain all your funds.


Selling children’s clothing online in Nigeria is indeed a lucrative business in Nigeria which can be a good source of livelihood for individuals which they can grow into a big and strong venture. However they must ensure that they retain the integrity of their respective business ventures because there are plenty online platforms where unsuspecting customers are duped. Thus they must ensure that they build for themselves and have a good business outlook built on integrity.

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