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How to Start A Profitable Cleaning Business in Lagos

How to Start A Profitable Cleaning Business in Lagos

Are you thinking of a good, simple but lucrative business to run in any Nigerian state? There are various top businesses ideas in Nigeria which you can dabble in and you stand the chance of making good money, adding to this you stand the chance to expand your business within a short period of time providing that you are committed to the process.

In an age where many people are out there engaged with one job or the other leaving them little or no chance to do their laundry or general cleaning, there has been a huge gap created by this in our society as they need someone who can fill the gap. ,,

The weekends are always regarded in the traditional sense as a day to do house chores, put the house in order in preparation for the new week. It is however not surprising to see that the world has moved from this arrangement to a convenient one.

This reality has seen a great relevance attached to the roles of professional cleaners in Nigeria, as they have within the last decade seen an increase in demand for their services across major cities in Nigeria,

So, if you are thinking of starting a cleaning business in Nigeria, you are right on course, because there will always be a demand for their services. It is an unchangeable law of nature for things to get dirty, nothing remains perfect. Same applicable to our environment.

Opening a cleaning business can be a fun, interesting, and profitable business for somebody with business smarts and perseverance. With good marketing, and top-notch service, you can draw in numerous customers who need their taken good care of, efficiently, and at a good price.

One of the most lucrative states where you can ever start your cleaning business is Lagos State Nigeria.  Lagos is infamous for being Nigeria’s most exclusive city to live in.

The metropolis takes home the crown for the city with densely populated areas, busy streets and massive traffic jam in Nigeria. Lagos is a good place o run a cleaning business not only because of the economic viability in the state, but because most inhabitant in Lagos are tied up doing one thing or the other which prevents them from attending to their domestic businesses.

However, many people still get their cars cleaned in homes. This is either because they do not get enough time to stop on washing stations or they prefer car washing on off days.

Therefore, starting a car washing business is a good idea to further expanding your cleaning business.

They are listed below:

  1. Perfectionism – cleaning is well-suited to those with an eye for detail and who won’t rest until a job is done ‘just so’.
  2. A love for organization – if you love tidying, organizing and re-arranging then cleaning will be a satisfying outlet.
  3. Stamina – cleaning involves tough, physical work so it’s important that you’re fit and able to keep up the pace.
  4. Lone working – to start with you may be the only person in your company and you’re likely to be cleaning whilst clients are out. A love for solitude can be beneficial.
  5. Not easily bored – some tasks may be repetitive or un-stimulating for the mind, so mental stamina is just as important as physical.
  6. Trustworthiness – if you’re spending periods of time in someone’s home or office then they must be able to trust you with their possessions and house keys.
  7. Likability and friendliness – if you’re unpleasant or brash with your clients then they’re unlikely to recommend you or come back for repeat business.
  8. Administration skills – being self-employed means that a large part of your role will involve sorting out tax, wages and invoices etc. so being good with papers and figures is essential.
  9. Time-keeping – nobody likes to be left waiting – and it also looks unprofessional – so being able to keep track of appointments is vital.
  10. Creativity – this will help you to advertise your business. Unique marketing ideas are much more memorable and will help you to get your brand out there.


Why Start A Cleaning Business in Lagos?

While this is a fundamental question you should be fully clear about, here are some reasons you should opt to start a cleaning business in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere else.


1). Requires Less Capital:

By far, this is one of the most important reasons to start a cleaning business in Nigeria or anywhere else, as the capital requirements are low in comparison to others. When you are starting small and mostly for domestic services, all you require is a vacuum cleaner, a couple of brooms, and an equipment trolley. All of which don’t cost much to acquire.


2). Excellent part time option:

People mostly prefer to get their houses cleaned in their presence, which goes on to create a lot of job opportunities on the weekends for individuals and businesses venturing into janitorial services; making this ideal for people who already have a day job.


3). Less Space Requirement:

With a cleaning business, your clients don’t need to visit your office. Rather, they can call you directly. This means your office can be managed in very compact space, as all you will require is a small reception and a place to keep your cleaning equipment.


4). Less hard work:

When you start a cleaning business in Nigeria or anywhere else, you become your own boss and will now be responsible for your accounting and organization.


5). Others:

There are lots of other reasons like freedom from fixed working schedules and job creation for people who would work under your business.


There are several types of cleaning business which you can start in Lagos. They are listed below.


Major Types of Cleaning Business You Can Start in Lagos

  1. Residential Cleaning Business

There is always room for residential cleaning services, no matter the market. Once you get a reputation in your target area, then you’ll start earning decent money.

These cleaning services may be daily, weekly, monthly based. This actually depends on the clients you find.

Residential cleaning services include the following basic duties:

  • Dusting
  • Mopping floors
  • Vacuuming
  • Fixtures
  • Washing surfaces
  • Polishing mirrors etc.

However irrespective of the niche you eventually adopt, there are various characteristics which you need to possess that will go a long way in making the difference in your cleaning business…

  1. Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is another rewarding type of cleaning business, which includes cleaning offices, buildings, apartments, and premises. This is beneficial in big cities.

It more often requires work on weekends, or at the times when there is no one to interrupt the working process. However, it may involve residential cleaning services too. This is because now a day’s many offices and companies have their kitchens and showers.

There are a few things that you’d require before you start a commercial cleaning business:

  • Come up with a good cleaning business name.
  • Print your business cards and distribute them to your target city.
  • Open a small office building for your business.
  • Make a website, so that you may receive clients online. This is much required in this age of technology.
  • Hire a number of employees.
  • Buy the basic equipment that you’d be required while providing cleaning services.
  • Get a license for your business.
  1. Windows cleaning.

Windows cleaning is among the types of cleaning services that require work less often. You’ll have to work on Saturday’s or Sunday’s only.

It doesn’t require huge capital to start.

  1. Washing services.

Power washing business is a lucrative business. People want clean clothes, while do not find time to do so themselves. Therefore, one can say that a busy life has made people pay for their laundry services.

This requires basic equipment, like other types of cleaning business. In addition to washing, many clients need pressed clothes. Hiring a few employees for this purpose can save you good money.

In this type of cleaning, the competition is low. Therefore, it is a good time to add this service to your business or company.

  1. Carpet cleaning business.

Carpet cleaning is challenging to start and needs tactics to stand out there in competition. You’ll need quality equipment that can be costly.

However, if other types of cleaning services have started paying off, now it’s the time to add carpet cleaning. It won’t be a great deal for you if people already know you from the other cleaning services you’ve provided them.

  1. Swimming pool cleaning.

The swimming pool can be like heaven on hot days. That’s why most homeowners prefer it in their home. And of course, they’ll need their pools cleaned, which makes this business alive.

Unlike other types of cleaning services, it requires experience in some states. Thus, it makes it difficult for small business owners who don’t have a license and experience.

While if you’re expanding your cleaning business, you can hire people who have experience in pool cleaning. Already you have the clients whom you provide other services, you’ll start providing them this service too. It is that easy if you’re already set in some area. While if the case is, otherwise, it may take a while to let people know your business in your target area.

Moreover, this business works outside homes, for example in hotels, schools, and health clubs, etc.

  1. Car washing

Who doesn’t have a car in this modern age? 90 out of 100 have their own cars. Right? Do they need washing? Of course, they do. But they get their cars washed in stations beside roads.

Having known the different types of cleaning business which you can opt for, the emphasis in this article is based on starting an office cleaning business which falls under the commercial type of cleaning business.


How to Start A Cleaning Business in Lagos Step by Step

  1. Draft a Business Plan
  • Writing a solid business plan will help you to:
  • Define the parameters of your business
  • Develop a mission statement
  • Determine your company’s legal structure
  • Conduct market research
  • Build a customer profile
  • Determine the services you will offer
  • Create your pricing structure
  • Budget and develop financial projections

Be sure to include any necessary provisions for business licensing, bonding, or liability insurance that your state may require.

  1. Acquire Specialized Knowledge

Cleaning offices requires a thorough understanding of commercial cleaning procedures and equipment, including how to care for different types of floor coverings and office equipment. For example:

It is important for floors to look good, but care must be taken to use products that assure walkways are not slippery.

Understanding the specifics of how to clean various pieces of computer equipment is also important. For instance, some monitors can be damaged if sprayed with glass cleaner or scratched if the wrong type of cloth is used.

Disposal of office trash may also require special care to be sure sensitive information is not compromised. This is something that should be discussed with potential clients.

  1. Behave Professionally

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of behaving as if you are one of the cleaning crew. Remember that your primary role is to secure business and manage the company. You are an entrepreneur, interacting with other business professionals. When you are in the public eye, dress, and act the part.

  1. Offline Marketing Techniques

The most effective techniques usually involve building relationships with other companies who have an existing client base, such as real estate agents and property managers. Through their referral, you get to establish new customers

  1. Online Marketing Techniques- the internet is a good place to give visibility to your business as it enables you to reach out to too many targeted areas within a very short period. Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, another way through which you can give visibility to your cleaning business in Lagos is through the use of sponsored ads on certain online platforms like Classified Ads Website which offers a professional service platform which enables you as a business owner to give your business the much needed visibility which in the long run will help you reach out to new customers.
  2. Employ New Staffs- since you are running a commercial venture, do well to hire professionals that will help you in the day to day running of your business out.
  3. Register Your Business– it is quite important that you register your cleaning business in Lagos. The Lagos state government attaches much importance to business registration. You can contact the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC] for your business registration in Lagos.
  4. Open a Bank Account-it is quite important that you do not use your personal bank account for running your cleaning business transaction. Doing this will not give you a professional outlook. It is quite important that you brand your business well, and this is one of the ways through which you can do that. Go to a bank and open a business account.

The Nigerian economy can only grow if millions of people can successfully run and sustain their small businesses for long periods of time. This is why we at Delon Market will continue to publish articles and videos to provide education to small business owners across the country.

Before I end this article, I like to encourage fresh graduates who are seeking job opportunities instead of starting businesses to view our jobs in Nigeria youtube channel to learn how to get jobs in Nigeria.

By Marcus Amudipe

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