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Top 10 Smartphones in Nigeria 2020

Top 10 Smartphones in Nigeria 2020

If there is any noticeable and very obvious development that happened to the Nigerian realities within the last two decades, one that impacted in all sectors the outlook of the Nigerian nation, then it must definitely be the introduction of the Global System of Communication, one popularly called by its abbreviation, ‘GSM’. This product of technological advancement was introduced to the Nigerian market by the then president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. And ever since the introduction of what can be called or referred to as the 8th wonder of the new world, it has changed the way we go about our daily businesses, as with each year’s comes great and improved brands that have made life easier and comfortable to mankind in many areas.

With the upgrade recorded by the Nigerian telecommunication industry, which saw the movement from analog telephony to a digital telephony, much has been changed in our present-day realities, thanks to the introduction of smartphones to the Nigeria market.

The way we communicate, the way through which we engage ourselves, conduct business and every other aspect of the human existence has been altered, bringing in various positive benefits for mankind.

The good thing about this invention is that with each production, there is always something new to look forward to, either in the outlook or appearance of the brand or in the effectiveness of the products. The Nigerian telecommunication market has seen various brands constantly trying to outdo themselves in their bid to take firm possession of the market bragging right. And because of this, these various brands are always looking forward to a way to improve their services and products.

We can remember the era when Symbian and Java phones where the rave of the moment, however the great and ever progressing nature of the global telecommunication industry saw to it that phones moved past these features to welcome a better improved one into its market.

In Africa, and in Nigeria to be specific, there is a big market for smartphones and this has always seen to the annual influx of phones into the Nigerian economy, we have hundreds o phone brands, many with good and amazing features that will make it appealing. Thus, it is has become a major feature for phone buyers to make a choice as regards to buying a new phone. For first timers, it might be a bit difficult as they have not bought a new phone for themselves nor used one.

Getting a new phone to many might seems easy and simple, probably as many will picture it, they might think it is more or less like walking into a phone vendor, checking the phone shelf or catalogue, making a choice of which phone to buy before whisking away in triumph.

While many might have that opinion, it is important and germane to always ensure that they understand what it means for a smartphone to be good and fit for purpose. It is not just about going to the market to buy a new smartphone based on how good they look when it comes to appearance.

Before we take a look at some of the top smartphone brands of the year 2020, it is quite pertinent that we consider some of the important features a smartphone must possess to be regarded as a good and high quality one.

  1. Battery Life- this is a very important feature needed by phone users to ensure that they have a good user experience. Imagine a smartphone with a poor battery life and would always need the user to hourly charge it to maintain power. Such phone will to a large extent frustrate the owner. Think of the inconvenience when you always have to carry chargers around because you have to keep charging your phone every time you have the opportunity to. For you to consider a smartphone good and of high quality, then you must be assured of the high durability of the battery life. Most phones that are now being introduced into the global and Nigerian Market now come with irremovable batteries which offers better effectiveness than the old type where you can remove or change the battery at will. Also, with this new feature, it makes it impossible for phone battery theft to remove and swap your battery for poor ones. There are also few dishonest phone sellers that have formed the habit of removing phone batteries at the point of sale or before sale, repacking the phone to sell. The removed batteries are also sold to different customers.
  2. Screen Size- there was a time when phone screens were as small as a calculator screen size, however phones have evolved globally, and there is one singular reason which can be attributed to this and this is because the use of the mobile phone has transcended from just calling and texting to a wide range of uses. Back then all you need a phone for was to make calls, receive calls, send text messages, and receive text messages. However, the mobile phone now performs a whole lot of function, some mobile phones have the capacity of a laptop, thus the need for a screen that is big enough to complement its features. The ideal or stand screen size which is required of a good smartphone is between 4.0 inches to 5.0 inches. The idea is that they must be handy, that is not too big to be held or fitted into your pocket, not too heavy that is having a light weight.
  3. Screen Resolution- this is the numbers of pixels on a phone’s screen, having a mobile phone with a big screen or moderate one is not just enough. There is a particular emphasis on the screen resolution. The more pixels a phone possesses, the clearer its output or display will be. People place great emphasis on the need to have a mobile phone that is clear and neat when it comes to its viewing quality. Thus, because of this phone manufacturer’s places great attention to ensuring that their products come with a good screen resolution. It is not just about how big a mobile phone’s screen is big but more about its quality.
  4. Camera- many phone users are very particular about this feature, in Nigeria, if a brand is noted to have a very bad camera, then it must forget about having a place in the Nigeria telecommunication market. Many phones in the market now comes with improved camera quality, however it is always hard to know how good a phone’s camera is, not until you buy them. Thus, as a result of this. Do well to check the specifications of a phone before buying them; also ensure that you do not just rush to buying a new phone when introduced into the market. Always do well to wait for online reviews from phone reviewers. You can also check for sample photos or use the YOUTUBE to know more about how good the camera is.
  5. Software Features- buying a phone with good and useful features will give you a good phone use experience, thus do well to check for the programs on the phone before making any attempt to buy.
  6. Storage-Mobile phones with low storage unit will frustrate the users, as they lack the ability to accommodate many files, which will lead to the need of getting an external memory card. However, the thing with the use of external memory card is that they may lead to the state of an irregular functioning of the phone. When you have a memory card with too many files, used on a phone that has a low memory, such phones are prone or vulnerable to unstable functioning.
  7. RAM- a phone with a low Read Access Memory will affect the effective functioning of the mobile phone. A phone with a RAM of 1GB will perform below par as it is not built for heavy work

Top 10 Smart Phones in Nigeria 2020

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus- this is one of the most gorgeous phones in the Nigerian market. It offers users various amazing features and a top-notch performance level all thanks to its Octa-core Snapdragon 865 processor. Adding to this amazing feature, it comes with a whooping 12GB RAM. Also, when it comes to its battery life. It comes with a non-removable battery which has the power range of 4500mAh. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus also comes with a 10MP front camera, and a 12MP PLUS 64mp PLUS 12MP PLUS 0.3MP Quad Rear Camera. It has a fingerprint sensor; another amazing feature of this phone is that it is waterproof. You can get it around three hundred and fifty thousand naira, N350,000.00
  2. Oneplus 8 Pro- this is another top-notch Android phone with impressive specifications. One of the good features that come with this phone is its impressive battery life as it comes with a 5510mAh. Battery. The Oneplus 8 Pro comes with a fingerprint sensor, also with a 16MP front Camera and a 48MP plus 8MP plus 48MP plus 5MP Quad Rear Camera. It is also a water-resistant phone; also, it comes with a 8GB/12GB read access memory. The average price for this phone is around four hundred and forty hundred thousand naira only, N440, 000.00.


  1. Xiaomi Mi 10 5G- succeeding the Xiaomi Mi9, this phone comes with a brilliant feature, an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Processor, also with an 8GB/12GB Read Access Memory. It also comes with an amazing 128GB/256GB inbuilt storage.   Adding to this, the battery life is 4780mAh. Non removable battery life.
  2. Oppo Find X2 Pro- since the Oppo brand has found its way to the Nigerian phone market; it has developed an exciting as well as brilliant array of phones which has been supported with a strong media advertisement. The Oppo Find X2 does not allow the use of an external memory card; however, it possesses a 512GB in built storage unit and a RAM of 12GB. Supports both the 4G LTE Network and the 5G Network. It is water and dust resistant with a 4260mAh. Non-removable battery.
  3. Huawei P40 Pro- Stylish and classic when it comes to its physical appearance, the Huawei P40 Pro is a phone that is highly noted for its high camera resolution and quality as it has 4 camera structure, a brilliant 50MP main camera. It possesses a good durable battery Life, a fingerprint sensor and also an 8GB Read Access Memory. The average price for this product is around four hundred and forty-four thousand naira only, N444,000.00
  4. Samsung Galaxy A90 5G- Samsung is one of the biggest phone brands in the country and they are highly known and respected for their sleek, classical, and beautiful phones, the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G comes with a 6GB/8GB RAM. And a 128GB in built memory. The Selfie camera is 32MP, while the main camera is 48MP plus 8MP plus 5MP triple camera. It has a fingerprint option and a 4500mAh non removable battery. This phone also supports a 5G network.
  5. Samsung   Galaxy S10 Plus- another Samsung smart phone with amazing features, as against the Samsung Galaxy S9, The Samsung   Galaxy S10 Plus is an improvement of the previous model. It is both water and dust resistance with an inbuilt storage unit of a whooping 1T. The price range is around three hundred and fifty thousand naira only.
  6. Nokia 7.2 Key Specs- the Nokia brand is among one of the oldest mobile phone’s brands in Nigeria. Since its production of the popular Nokia 3310 phone model, it has rebranded its models to compete with the new generation mobile phone brands. The Nokia 7.2 Specs comes with a 4GB/6GB RAM, a mobile storage of 64GB/128GB.
  7. Infinix Zero 6-one of the common mobile phone brand in Nigeria is the Infinix brand, the Infinix Zero 6 comes with an Octa-core processor and a 6GB RAM. It also comes with a battery quality of 3650mAh battery. The price range is around One hundred and three thousand naira and can be found in various part of Nigeria.

J). Iphone 11- this is one of the biggest and most expensive phone models unveiled by the American tech giant, Apple.

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