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What used cars are the best to buy?

What used cars are the best to buy?

Buying cars to the average Nigerian is a big deal, especially when it is the first car of the buyer. The excitement and huge rush of adrenaline attached to it is always different when compared to making other purchase. Some considers it a luxury to buy car in Nigeria, while to others it is a very important need that must be met. When you put into objective scrutiny and consideration, the various factors militating against your job productivity when you do not have a car, or when you think about the various stress and difficulties you have to face daily just because you do not have a personal car, you will definitely see enough reasons that owing a personal car in Nigeria for many reasons must not be considered nor regarded as a luxury. People living in states like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kano, Port-Harcourt and other high populated states and cities across the 36 states of Nigeria will definitely understand what it means to have a car and also what it entails on the other hand to not have a car.

Talk about the use of a car for families or the importance of a car for those within the categories of the working class. Using Lagos State as a typical example, on which a larger chunk of us can easily relate to, when you take a closer look at the population density of a state like Lagos, one that is highly characterized with the notorious cases of traffic gridlocks were road users uses an average of over six to seven hours every day being held up in traffic, planning one’s daily will definitely poise a big problem. This is because there are many factors that will militate against the smooth planning and running of your day. It is not hidden thing that the commercial vehicles or public transportation means come with various challenges; one that could have been easily avoided if you have a personal car. Maybe we should also take a close look at the use of a car for an un-employed, in the midst of these various cases of limited job opportunities in Nigeria, with a car, he has the option of going commercial or venturing into a one man logistics enterprise; one which can be expanded upon in due time depending on his or her goal and commitment to it.

However the process of buying a car might not be as simple as it is, it is not as if it is like the situation where you just work into a car mart or auto market to request for a car of your choice, paying right away and whisking away triumphantly like James Bond from a crime scene.

There are many things that comes into consideration, things you have to carefully sit down to examine and have a second thought at.

There is the process of contacting long term car owners to inquire about what car to get, and where you are most likely to get a good deal for yourself. Getting the right information is quite important to making the right decision when buying a car in Nigeria less you fail prey of buying cars that will eventually turn into a liability for you.

However one of the greatest decision that individuals who are about to buy a car in Nigeria faces is the one that has to do with either buying a new car in Nigeria or the decision of buying a used car in Nigeria. To the average Nigerian, this question is an open and shut question, economics realities have already decided this for them, as they have no choice than to go for the used cars, otherwise known as fairly used cars or Tokunbo cars.

Cut your coat according to your size the popular saying states, we all know the price difference between having to buy a new car in Nigeria to buying a used car in Nigeria. While to others who have the financial means, it might be a big headache in determining which to buy especially if the car is to be used for specific purposes or functions.  For some functions, probably one that has to do with luxury, comfort among others related, buying a new car might be the only option, but for other reasons, function or work requirement, buying a used car might actually prove to be a wise and also the proper decision.

While we focus on used cars, it is important that you know and understand that you can get the best of car experience even with a used car. All you have to do is to have the right set of information on what used car to buy and also where to buy them. There are certain used cars that functions well and good on Nigerian roads. There are plenty benefits attached to buying and using used cars in Nigeria, they are listed below;

Benefits of buying a used car in Nigeria

  • Cheap– one good benefit that comes with buying used cars in Nigeria is that you can always get them at affordable prices. Well it is a well- known fact that Nigerians like free or cheap things. Many might want to think that expensive connotes durability or quality while cheap or affordable is synonymous to things of less quality. This is not true, you can buy expensive items and still get less quality ones, and you can also get items that are cheap or affordable and you will be surprised to seeing how good and strong these items are. Same applies with buying of cars in Nigeria. The difference here is information. When you have the right set of information about what you intend buying, then you have a clear cut picture of what to expect. In Nigeria, you can get an affordable used car that is good, one that can conveniently take on the nature of the Nigeria roads.
  • Slight difference between new and old cars– there are many used cars out there that are less than three to four years when it comes to their history. Many of these used cars from countries like the United States of America, Germany, and Canada etc. always come with good conditions.  They were neatly used and highly maintained   by their previous owners thus there is little or slight difference between them and new cars. With the right set of information on how to buy cars in Nigeria, you can get the right place to get these kinds of used cars.
  • Takes less time and money to register a used vehicle– another advantage that comes with the choice of used cars is that when they buy them, they really do not have to spend a fortune to register these cars. This is because the vehicle registration has already been done and completed by the previous owner. And the major thing you have to do is get the car documents and also do a proper change of ownership certificate at the right place
  • Car history– this is another benefit which comes with buying used cars in Nigeria, and this is that fact that you can inquire and check the car history. With this kind of information available on your fingertips, it is very much easier for you to make the right decision as you get to know and understand the true state of the car you intend buying. When this is achieved, it goes a long way in eliminating any kind of bad surprises after you had already paid for the car.


Best Used Cars to Consider When Buying in Nigeria

Before we proceed with this, it is actually important that you identify the car that most fit into your budget before you buy any car. Do well to know how much you can afford, this will go a long way in helping you decide what kind of used cars you intend buying. That they are regarded to as or called used cars do not imply that you cannot get ones that are expensive. This lays more emphasis on the saying, cut your coat according to your size.

  1. Toyota Camry-this is one of the most easiest to find and commonly used cars in Nigeria, they are quite a popular choice for families who are looking forward to buying new cars. This is because they contain quite a large space inside; also it can also blend in with any category of social events too. There is also a high availability of its spare parts around. Also when it comes to fuel consumption, it does not uses or consume much fuel and the servicing does not pose any herculean task.
  2. Honda Accord– one which many Nigerians popularly refer to as End of Discussion or Discussion continues is also among the most common type of car that you are easily find on Nigerian roads. People prefer to buying this kind of car because it is considered affordable and also when it comes to its maintenance, it is considerably low. It is a kind of car which is affordable and on the other hand comes with a spice of luxury or class. Another good feature of this car is that it spare parts are readily available in many parts of the country at affordable prices. Adding to this, it does not consume fuel that much.
  3. Hyundai Elantra– this brand of car was first introduced into the Nigerian market around the year 1990. This is said to be one of the most affordable kind of car that you can find around in Nigeria. This brand originates from South Korea. Hyundai Elantra within a short period of time became one of the most common cars that is used in Nigeria and this is because they do not consume much fuel with the recent productions of these models, it has been noted that the brand has seen several improvement as if offers its users a good user experience
  4. Toyota Yaris- this is has similar feature to Toyota Corolla, although it is a bit smaller when compared to it. Also when it comes to the price range, it is a bit more expensive to the Toyota Corolla. The good thing about this model is that it is easy to maintain or service and its spare parts can be easily found around at decent prices.
  5. Honda CR-V Mini SUV– considered for its amazing aesthetic appeal, and also generally noted for its low consumption of fuel, this car ranks high on the profiles of the highly recommended mini SUV.
  6. Volkswagen Golf– the Volkswagen golf has a long rich history in Nigeria as it has been placed to be one of the highest selling cars in Nigeria over the decades. For those with the lean budget this kind of car can solve the challenges surrounding their mobility.
  7. Nissan Pathfinder– this is a big car with a very big interior space, also it is regarded as a very strong car. Adding to this, when it comes to fuel use, it is a low consumption car.

Buying a used car in Nigeria is not supposed to prove an herculean task for intending buyers in Nigeria, this is because there are great arrays of information and data that are available online for you to read and act before buying used cars in Nigeria. Before you buy any used car in Nigeria, ensure that   you get the much needed piece of information. Contact auto dealers to get the right information, search for online platforms that educates and enlighten users on what to do and what not to do when you intend to buying a used cars.

Also when going to inspect such cars, do not go alone, move with someone who has a good knowledge of cars and what to expect from them. If possible, go with your local car mechanic and let them help examine the car. Also when bought, do well to ensure that the car documents are authentic and valid.

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