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Where to sell my products online

Where to sell my products online

Marcus Amudipe


Yes I guess this has been the question on your mind as a business owner in Nigeria, where to sell your products, reaching out to customers, getting your goods and services across to them. Starting a business in Nigeria can be a drive through the Sahara with so many hurdles to cross, the various back breaking and nerve wrecking economic policies might not help out in this regards, especially for small and medium scale business owners. Starting your business, growing it, sourcing for funds to run your business setup with the aim of expanding it later, stocking it up then you are now being faced with the task of getting the right customers or clients for your goods, produce or services.

Gone are those days where you have to move from house to house screaming on the top of your voice looking for customers, clients etc. that can be so energy sapping right, hey chill relax and grab a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of Miranda …smiles that is if you can find one. I used to be a sucker for that bottle when I was small until it disappeared in the thin air. You should know that you must not allow the hassles and challenges that comes with giving visibility to your goods, produce or services frustrate you to the point where you or your brand disappear into the thin air like the bottle of Miranda which I loved so much as a kid.  There are plenty things that you can do to keep it ringing in the minds of people like an everyday 6am alarm clock. You do not have to run to the media house at every given opportunity to advertise your business, I am not saying that you should not, however there are other ways in which you can do this without going that far. You do know how much it will cost you to get your ads on TV Stations, Radio houses or Newsprint. Save yourself the hassle and exploit better ways that can gave you faster result which is better sales and good business visibility.

To make more sales, business owners either small scale or medium scale need to provide information about their goods or services they render to the general public, as I mentioned earlier on, this should not give you a sleepless night, through classified sites, you can achieve this, yes through classified ads you can reach a large number of potential clients without paying exorbitant prices as some of these classified sites do this for free…. Yes for free, I know you all like free thing.

Classified sites give you the platform to advertise your goods, produce or services on the internet for free. So it does not matter if you are selling clothes in Nigeria, selling cheap cars in Nigeria, or doing any remote jobs in Nigeria where you offer certain services. The more website you engage in , the better for your products and the larger your audience . The benefits that comes with using classified sites in Nigeria are numerous, let us take a quick dig at these benefits before we get to know these websites and how the work.

Time and Money- One major advantage of purchasing classified advertising for your business is that it helps save both time and money which are valuable resources that you can channel elsewhere instead. Instead of using other media such as TV, prints, etc. you get to use these free classified platforms.  Placing a classified ad is usually as easy as coming up with some short copy and supplying your contact details. If you want to design a more complex ad, there are plenty platforms that can also do this for you.

Targeted Marketing– Using classified ads allows you to focus your marketing on the areas you do business in and reach people who are likely to buy goods or services from you. It does not just allow you to run your ads haphazardly, there is no point in running an ad in areas where they are not needed, and this is what classified ads enable you to do. Many of these classified services allow you to specify the areas you serve, so your ad will come up when potential customers look for business like yours close to where they live.

Access– Radio and Television advertising is all well and good, however it is not entirely effective or efficient at all times. What do I mean by saying this. If someone experiences a tear in the wall of his house, or a faulty household appliance, you do not expect them to go and pick up your radio set or switch on their Television to wait for the stations to run ads on the services they are looking for. Potential customers will be able to search for you all the time if your ads are live online

Contact– Some online classified services allow potential customers to contact advertisers directly through their websites. This means that people looking for goods or services that you sell can make an inquiry simply by tapping a link on their platforms to access you probably via an email, or phone call.


Top Classified Ads Website in Nigeria

  • ng

Free Ads In Nigeria. is Nigeria’s top classified ads website where you can easily post your ads. It is an online platform that gives user a real marketplace experience. It is a platform whose services has been tailored to specifically meet its users taste and business requirement helping them achieve the much business visibility they so wish for their businesses. The good thing about the platform is that their website is easily accessible with a good site navigation and top ranking among its peers, adding to this, the platform is entirely free

  • JIJI

Jiji is a fast growing platform for ads which has even been tipped to overtake its competitors in the coming years. Many choose Jiji because its portal is easy to use and readily available. There is a high level of convenience when you use this classified ad website for all ad-related purposes. You can promote your products and services as well as apply for a job on jiji.

  • OLX

Just like jiji, OLX is one of the most popular buying & selling websites in Nigeria. It is reportedly the site with the highest amount of classified ads in the country. With the very high amount of users, being victims of scammers is high as well. However OLX warns you to make sure products are checked thoroughly before making payments. You are always advised to be careful and smart in your dealing with potential sellers. Products such as electronics, fashion items, furniture, household goods, cars and bikes are found on here. You can also get to hire or get hired on OLX.





Jobzilla is an online job search website that is trusted to have the latest job vacancies and other business opportunities. Sometimes, they aid in detecting scammers of job seekers as they believe those looking for employment do not deserve to be duped. They also provide Nigerians with tips on how to get better at their different careers. Jobzilla’s mission is to destroy unemployment in the country which they’ve achieved in some little ways.


MoboFree is one of the leading African mobile social market places that allows people to buy, sell and even swap products with other trusted people online. This classified site combines a social network and classifieds boards into one integrated online platform and makes buying & selling online more fun, easy, individualized and safe.

  • COM.NG

If you are looking to purchase, sell or engage in the lease, then this is the site for you. Private Property connects you to people and properties so you can get the latest listings and secure the aptest deals in your market. They help to make your search for your next property an easy/amazing experience. They ensure the search for a property is an effortless and effective one. With several buyers and sellers or renters on this website, it is a great option to list your property, whether as an agent or private seller.

  • COM.NG

Checki is a reliable and safe online marketplace for your products. They focus on cars but do not sell directly, instead, they provide an effective advertising medium for users to buy & sell their automobiles, vans, bikes, trucks and other kinds of vehicles. All the necessary safety precautions are taken to make sure the platform is safe for you to use so you need not worry about falling into the hands of fraudsters.




Gidi market is one of the best classified sites in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It was launched by Niyi Yusuf and began operations in 2012. GIDI MARKET is an African based online and digital marketing agency that enable its users track their online/digital marketing campaigns. The packages offered include: SMS Blast, Social Media, Branding and TV Ads.

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